Last Week...

...Perry was obviously happy to be back at work on Monday. I love that she's interacting with us more, and talking to her is one of my favorite things to do.

...the girls spent Monday with Grandma Sunshine and Great Grandma Di. They went to The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and had so much fun. They couldn't stop talking about it when we got home.

...Perr worked on her sitting up skills with Daddy.

...the girls continued to do amazing at swim lessons. They are more than half way through now, and Gracie can swim all the way across the pool while Char is getting better at diving in and swimming to the edge to climb back out.

...Perry played in her play gym in between naps at work.

...she also napped at Grammy's, while sisters swam their little tushes off.

...we took some sweet pictures of this little Daddy's girl when we got home.

...Perry ate Winnie the Pooh's nose.

...Gracie lost BOTH of her front teeth. She was terrified of losing them, because she didn't want to talk funny. She was also worried that she wouldn't be able to eat. She kept working them, though, and they were getting looser and looser. One night, Daddy asked if he could feel how loose they were. When he wiggled them, he pulled one out. She saw it in his hand and started screaming...which was the perfect opportunity for him to pull out the other one. When she woke up the next morning with "two five dollars", she couldn't wait to get to school to show everyone.

...Perry was the sweetest at work on Wednesday.

...Gracie just looked so cute with her missing teeth, that I had to take more pictures of her after school.

...Perry tried out the jumper at Grammy's. Girl is getting so big SO fast!

...she doesn't want to grow up, and I don't want her to either. Although she slept like an angel after she cried for a few seconds.

...she looked adorable before we left the house on Thursday.

...we snuggled in bed that night, because I can never resist a sleeping baby.

...Allison and I went to Goyemon for a sushi lunch, and Perry joined us.

...Mrs. Grant made the girls these awesome tanks where they can color in their names with washable markers. Then, after they wear them, the marker washes off in the washer for them to color all over. They're the coolest!

...after I had sushi for lunch, everyone was jealous, so we had it for dinner, too. The girls love to go to I Love Sushi and can eat their weight in the crunch roll.

...Perr Bear is twelve weeks, and it's killing me that time is flying by so quickly.

...speaking of time flying. Amelia is already one! I can't believe baby girl was born a whole year ago. I remember sitting in the hospital room holding her for the first time like it was yesterday. We love her so much and had a blast playing and swimming all over the place to celebrate at her adorable beach party.

(Happy Birthday, baby girl!)

...after the party, the girls and I headed out to Grandma Sunshine's to get our hair cut. By the time it was Charley's turn, she was so ready for a nap.

(Thanks again, Grandma!)

...Perr Bear did tummy time.

...we snuggled some more.

...Charley held sister while Daddy and I got ready for the day.

...the girls had fun playing with the Boomerang app on my phone.

...Perry got in a morning nap.

...we ate at home for every meal this week, so we treated ourselves to salad and pizza at our favorite spot, Grimaldi's. Daddy teased Perry with the most delicious pizza ever.

...we have been going grocery shopping every Sunday and then cooking every Sunday and Wednesday for all of our meals. The girls have started to eat chicken, zucchini, steak, and sweet potatoes. To get them more interested in new foods, we've had them help us cook as much as possible, and they've been loving it.

...Perry spends most of her time hanging onto me and Daddy on the weekends.

...she had fun in the bath that night and fell asleep snuggling with Mommy in bed.

See you next week!

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