Last Week...

...the girls got really excited when I told them we were stopping by Starbucks on the way to school. We used to go every morning, and they'd always get a croissant, but I had to give it up due to frequent migraines. I love the way Char says "croissant", so I made her keep saying it over and over.

...we met the Unertls at Grimaldi's for dinner on Monday and had fun pretending like it was a Friday night dinner and they still lived here.

...the girls insisted on driving by the "dinosaur house" on the way home from school Tuesday.

...Noah taught Grace how to play baseball, and she hit the ball on her first try.

...we went to dinner at Ventano with my family, and Chase was obsessed with the girls' Sulley headphones. As usual, Grace and Charley got giant bowls of ice cream with all the fixings.

...we had dance class Wednesday. Char has fun doing her own thing most of the time as she's the youngest one in her class. Grace is really getting the hang of it, and is loving it. She's really doing well learning all of the steps and even getting some sequences down.

...Char was being silly before school and looked super cute in her little overalls.

...we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate JJ's 2nd birthday on Thursday. The kids had a blast, and we got a million tickets...which got us a Fun Dip and a plastic ring. Yay!

(Char was hilarious. She'd ask Daddy for more money, put it in her little overall pocket, and take off to play more games.)

(Daddy put a balloon on Char's back so we wouldn't lose her.)


...I got a picture of Toodles sleeping on Char's pillow. He does this every night, because his loves his girls.

...Grace wanted me to take a picture of the girls at school, because she picked out their outfits and thought they were "soo cute!".

...we went to the Rebel game on Friday night, and we all had so much fun hanging out in our suite that we got for work. We get to use it whenever clients aren't using it, which is awesome! The game was a close one, so we were all screaming the entire second half, and Charley slept right through it. I love that she can sleep anywhere, anytime. Grace had more fun than anyone, and was particularly excited after we had won the game.

...Saturday morning, we went to Noah's playoff game. The little ones drank hot chocolate and played some football of their own on the sidelines. Noah scored a touchdown, and his team won. He was so happy running through the victory tunnel after the game. It was the cutest thing ever!

...after the game, we headed to Lowe's to add to our crazy amounts of Christmas lights each year.

...we made Frozen cookies, while we got started on the Christmas tree.

...we spent the rest of the weekend working on Christmas decorations and trees and drinking wine with Alex and Allison.

The lights aren't quite finished yet, so I won't share until we're done.

Hooray for the holiday season!

See you next week :)

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