Last Week...

...Monday night, the family gathered for dinner to celebrate Uncle Elijah's birthday. Charley was so funny helping him blow out his candles and trying to sneak some of the cheesecake beforehand. She's the only one of the three girls that loves to play with him. Grace has finally come around the past few months, but she and Presley were terrified of him from the start. He's like the calmest of the Espejo kids, so I don't really get it, except that maybe they're just used to us crazies. 

...we made silly faces while we watched MNF.

...the girls fell asleep like this, but somehow Grace ended up with both Elsa and Anna after I came back upstairs to go to bed. They are always arguing over these two princesses, because they both want them both.

...Charley looked like a little doll in her sweet outfit from Grammy.

...she loves her chunky bubblegum Ariel necklace and wanted to take pictures with it, so we made funny faces again.

...Charley has a love/hate relationship with being tickled. She asks for it and then yells "enough" while she giggles uncontrollably. It's the best.

...I love this outfit from Lookie Loo Loo, and it's perfect for Char's sassy attitude.

...the girls went to dance class on Wednesday where I was the worst mom ever and forgot that they were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes. Luckily, they had some kitty cat ears for them to wear, so they weren't completely left out.

...Thursday, the girls wore their cutest Halloween outfits to school. I can't get over Char's kissy lips and little pinky sticking out. She's just too much. Meanwhile, Grace has the head tilt pose down pat. 

...we spent Thursday afternoon enjoying the pumpkin patch near the girls' school.

...after the pumpkin patch, we took dinner over to Poppa and Grandma's for Poppa's birthday. The girls had a blast rolling around in some plastic sheeting that he had out to touch up some paint on his house. It's the simplest things that make the best toys.

...after Poppa's we stopped by Vons to get our voting done early. Grace thought it would be so fun, but afterwards, she said, "Voting isn't really fun, mom." I explained to her that although it's not really fun, it's very important. I also explained to her that we get to vote in a new president in two more years, and she said, "because our president is bad?" I said, "He isn't bad. He just doesn't make the smartest decisions." She made sure to let everyone know about that the next day. I'm glad she's at least interested in it. Hopefully, she'll be involved in the community to make a difference someday. We're trying to instill that early.

...Friday was Halloween, so the girls got to wear costumes to school. I didn't want them to ruin their Elsa and Anna ones by wearing them all day, so they were Sofia and Spiderman instead. Easton was Spiderman, too, so we got a quick picture before they got ready for trick-or-treating. was getting dark, so we started getting everything ready for our Halloween festivities. We have the greatest neighborhood ever, so our tradition is to take the kids trick-or-treating, while all of the grandparents come over to hang out, pass out candy, and spend time with the kiddos. We all had a blast and the night couldn't have been any better.

(Char was always the first one to the door. She was hilarious. After she got her candy, she'd start walking away, look over her shoulder, and say "trick-or-treat" like it meant "thank you".)

...once it got late, the little ones went to bed, and Gracie and Noah worked out in the garage in between eating pieces of candy.

...the next morning, I woke up to Charley sitting on my bed digging through her Olaf bucket to see what she got.

...Grace sat on the arm of a chair, which caused it to tip over into another chair, and got this awesome goose egg in between her eyes. This was her crying that her friends at school were going to make fun of her "because I look silly!" Poor kid.

...I gave Gracie a super sour warhead candy to try, and she didn't like it "at all!"

...Charley practiced her counting skills on some bottles of water.

...after lounging around all day Saturday, the girls went to Papa and Grammy's to make some homemade pizzas, while Isaac and I spent a few hours at Matt and Frannie's goofing around with our friends.

...Sunday was officially cool, fall weather, so we spent the morning playing at the park enjoying the outdoors and exploring. After a long while, Charley went into nap mode, so we headed home to relax for the rest of the day.

...Charley napped the afternoon away, while Gracie colored, and Isaac and I finally got caught up on The Walking Dead. It was a very productive Sunday for us.

See ya next week :)

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