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Picture of the Week: Styling Poppa's Hair

As usual, Perry didn't want to wake up Monday morning.

When she finally did get up, she demanded to talk to Daddy, so we FaceTimed him.

Allison talked us into going in for a quick gender reveal ultrasound on our lunch break one day, and we found out that we are having a baby BOY!!

The Halls came over for pizza to celebrate our big news, and Perry fed Ava ice cream after dinner.

We had Grace's end of season soccer party at the park where the girls got trophies and got down on pizza and cupcakes.

Isaac's Dad was especially excited that we were having a boy and sent us this picture that he made.

As I was driving to pick the girls up from school, I noticed this cool rainbow around the sun.

I grabbed Perry and headed home, since Isaac was picking up Grace and Char. She snacked on chips, and we watched Hocus Pocus for the 500th time this week.

Jen dropped off the cutest taco swaddle and some cookies to celebrate our boy news. She's seriously the sweetest!

The girls all held hands in the back of the car on our way to soccer Saturday morning. Charley's team was in a tournament, so our weekend was booked.

Her team won the first game 11-0!

We had two hours in between games, so we stopped by Poppa and Grandma's to visit. The girls love to get Poppa's comb out of his pocket and do his hair. It's the cutest!

Char's team had their second game of the day and won 3-0.

The girls rocked their shades as we drove to the District for dinner at Panera. A warm bread bowl full of soup was needed after a day spent outside in the cold.

We had to walk over to check out the big Christmas tree, because the girls have been begging to put ours up for weeks.

Sunday morning we were back to the fields for more soccer. Perry got a hot cocoa and walked around drinking it "just yike Daddy".

The opposing team came out and scored a quick three goals, and Char's team lost for the first time since their very first game at the beginning of the season. They did so great, and it was their first season since they moved up into the bigger division. We're so proud of all of them and can't wait to see what big things they do next season!

We cheered Charley up by letting the girls decorate our Christmas tree. I was going a little crazy watching them put the ornaments on, but they went outside to play with the Sebastians a little later. I realized I hadn't put the garland on, so I took everything off and redid it. They'll never know.

These little elves sure looked adorable helping each other hang all of the ornaments, though.

Perry napped while I decorated the rest of the house with all of our indoor Christmas decor.

When she woke up, she fell in love with our Fisher Price nativity scene. Baby Jesus is her new favorite toy.

That's all for now! See ya next week.

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