Last Week...

...since Monday was President's Day, and the girls didn't have school, Grandma Sunshine took them for the day. She cut about three-four inches off Grace's mane in an attempt to tame the ends a bit. Char just got a little trim to straighten it up.

(Thanks, Grandma!)

...Tuesday, we were back at it with gymnastics after school. Charley worked on her backward rolls, while Grace worked on back walkovers and cartwheels. At the end, Grace's class always does some conditioning. She hates the sit ups and always cheats when the coach isn't looking, but Isaac and I always call her out on it. She cracks me up, because I was totally the same way (and still am...who wants to do sit ups??).

...we played outside after school since the weather was in the seventies and so beautiful.

...these girls love to color whether it's with crayons, pencils, or chalk. They're always getting creative.

...I got these super adorable burp cloths in for the baby. I can't get over how cute they are!

...I've been craving orange cinnamon rolls like no other, so we've been making them all the time lately. This batch looked extra delicious. (28 weeks this week!)

...Gracie worked on homework Thursday and was not as enthused about it as usual.

...we went to Easton's last basketball game on Saturday, and the girls were so excited when he got his trophy! 

(Way to go, East!!)

...after the game, we had a doughnut date at Friendly's and then met the Sebastians at Paradise Pointe Park to play for a bit. We ended up staying forever, because the kids were having a blast.

...meanwhile, Daddy was working at an HOA Trade Show at the Orleans. He sent me pictures of our booth and said the host told them it was the best one at the show. It was a small event, but it was a great opportunity to meet with some of the bigger HOA's in town to build up our contact list.

...after the park, we met Daddy at Brio in Town Square for lunch.

...Grace got spaghetti all over herself, but Char helped her hide it with her arm.

...back at home, we watched movies on the couch, and Charley insisted on sitting by her baby sister. She talks to my belly all the time, which is the sweetest thing ever.

...the girls did some coloring before chasing each other around with these masks. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the finished products.

...Daddy took Lennar to the UNLV game where the Rebs beat UNR in OT in front of a packed house.

...we went to Crepe Expectations for breakfast, which always makes everyone happy.

...Char cheesed it up for Daddy at home. I've had these glasses forever, and the lenses are all scratched up now. I'm in desperate need of some new ones, because I can't see anything anymore.

...we played outside with the Sebastians, and Isaac and Noah played some home run derby in the street.

Another fun week! See ya next time :)

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