Grace Face Turns EIGHT!!

My first born baby that made me a mama is EIGHT years old.

I can't even believe it. Like, she's half way to getting her driver's license!

Grace has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She is SO empathetic and hates when anyone feels sad or upset. She's the first person to offer a hug when someone needs it.

If you ask Grace what her favorite thing in the world is, she'll tell you it's snuggling with her family, without hesitation.

Gracie is currently fifty inches tall, which is at the 50th percentile. She's in size eight jeans, a medium top, and size one shoes. She loves the colors pink, purple, and blue (all mixed together) and everything has to have extra glitter. I have been buying her maxi dresses lately, because those are her jam. She loves to wear a long dress with a denim vest and cute boots, even in the summer.

She has the cutest little group of girlfriends. Some of them are on her soccer team and all are in her class at school. Bryce, Lyla, Josie, Jolene, Jordan, and Jensen are all so sweet and adorable. They are all being split in to different classes this year, so I'm hoping they all stay close. Only Josie will be in Grace's third grade class with her. She was so happy to have at least gotten one of them. She also loves to hang out with her friend Peyton that she went to pre-school with, despite the fact that they have gone to different schools for three years now. I love that they are still such great buddies.

Grace still loves her "brothers", the Sebastians from across the street. Easton and her are only two weeks apart, and they've been BFFs since birth. Seriously. She will defend him against all odds.

Grace's favorite foods are chicken pot pies, meatball pizza, asparagus, Caesar salad, steak, strawberries, and barbecue ribs. She could live off of sweet tea and ranch, though.

She got braces and an expander a couple of months ago and loves them. I think it's because they make her feel like such a big girl!

She loves to play school with Charley, teach her math facts, and write stories, but she does not like to read at all. She always has music playing and loves to listen to Britney Spears on her iPad. Stuffed animals are her favorite, and her wish is to rescue every single one from every single store.

This kid is growing up so fast. She always makes comments like an adult would, and Isaac and I just look at each other and laugh. Mostly it's because we can't believe she just said that.

She's the best helper with her baby sister, too. Grace loves to give Perry a bath, lotion her up, and put her jammies on. She'll take her potty when she needs to go, and she loves to do her hair. While Charley is the more nurturing one, Grace will take care of the necessities. 

We made Grace's birthday video with the same twenty questions we've been asking since she was three. This time she wasn't feeling very well, but she sucked it up and answered them for me anyways.

This big girl truly is my best friend. We love you so much, Grace Face!

Happy Eighth Birthday!!

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