Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Swiatek

Last weekend, we flew to Ohio for my sister's wedding. She was the last of us four girls to get married, and we all love her husband-to-be, so everyone was super excited for her big day. She's also the one who loves weddings the most out of us all, so we knew hers would be amazing. 
(Spoiler alert: it was perfect!)

As we walked up to the barn where the reception was to be held, we were greeted with this rock that gave us all the feels as we prepared for the ceremony. The barn was breathtaking, and Andrea's decorations made it that much more beautiful.

Of course, she had sparkles everywhere. They are kind of her thing.

Even the centerpieces were gorgeous. I loved the wood bases, and her 'Let It Grow' flower seed favors were the icing on the cake.

The outside was just as beautiful with rolling green hills in every direction.

Grace and Char spent the whole time before the ceremony watching the caterers fill glasses with ice and water. They were so amazed at their speed, and I thought it was hilarious that they were so interested in it.

We all waited while Andrea finally stepped into her dress. She did a reveal for all of us bridesmaids, and she could not have looked more beautiful. I can't wait to see those pictures from her photographer.

My girls were obsessed with her the entire night. They kept following her around, carrying her dress, and giving her hugs.

The other flower girl arrived, and they all looked adorable in their dresses. Everyone else started showing up, and we were all excited for the ceremony.

Grace and Char did so good making their way down the aisle, throwing flower petals. Then, Rick walked Andrea down and everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over how pretty she looked.

After the sweetest vows that they wrote themselves, the pastor finally announced Dan and Andrea as husband and wife.

While we waited to take pictures of the bridal party, the girls found a toad and held him. They were pretty afraid of one the night before at the rehearsal, so I was surprised that they were actually touching this one.

We enjoyed the cocktail hour until it was time to be announced into the reception.

Grace and Char hung out by Uncle Dan and Auntie Andrea the whole time. They were so cute loving on their Auntie.

I took Perry outside to let her roam free for a bit, and she was loving the green grass.

At one point, she saw Charley coming up a hill and went crazy yelling "Cha Cha" at her.

We all hung out in the warm sun enjoying the sunset and the beauty of our surroundings.

As the sun went down, the party got started, and we all danced our tushes off. I don't think Grace and Charley left the dance floor again.

We made sure to hit the photo booth before they packed up, and the pictures turned out so cute. I love the sparkly backdrop that Andrea chose.

We got one last picture of the Gruber clan before we all left for the night. It was so great to celebrate this special night with so much family.

We are so, so happy for you Dan and Andrea. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness and endless love. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Swiatek!!

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