Living in the Moment {Happy New Year}

This year, we decided to go up to the cabin for New Year's Eve. Since we had a long weekend, and an insanely busy year, we wanted a nice, relaxing weekend to enjoy some down time with our girls. After a relaxing Friday, we spent most of the day Saturday playing in the snow.

Perry wasn't too sure about it, but she did look so adorable in her mini snow pants and boots.

Daddy and Grammy worked hard building a sledding path up the side of the hill. They shoveled and formed bumpers early in the morning.

While we waited, Perry got her first feel of the cold snow. She wasn't too fond of it, and Grammy decided that she was definitely a beach baby.

As soon as the pathway was close to being done, the girls couldn't stay off of it. They had a blast going down over and over again with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Seriously, this thing was awesome.

While the grown-ups finished up the bottom of the pathway, the girls explored and played in the snow.

Papa even got out his snow plow to move some more snow to the bottom to make their sledding path longer.

Daddy tried it out and Gracie played on the snow plow.

Finally, the sledding path was complete, and the girls spent the rest of the morning sledding their little hearts out.

Perry still wasn't a fan of the snow.

We brought the pack n play outside, and she was perfectly content to sit in there and play with her toys.

I loved watching everyone's faces as they came down on their sleds. The girls were having the best time.

Daddy and I even got in on the action.

While the girls continued to sled, Daddy helped Perry play with snow. She enjoyed chewing on it, and it probably felt good on her little teeth.

Meanwhile, at the top of the hill, these girls were moving right along. Grammy had even made some snow steps for them get back up the hill easier. She's such a pro.

You can't get much better views than this.

Perry started freezing, so we went to lunch and then hung out by the fire to warm up. She looked so sweet in her reindeer shirt.

The fog started rolling in, and the girl wanted to go back out and play some more. We broke some icicles off the house and had sword fights, and they made some snow angels, too.

Soon enough, they wanted to sled some more. It was pretty cool to see the fog settling in as they played.

Perry hung out close to the fire before passing out in the pack n play.

After dinner, we played games, watched a movie, and drank coffee with Baileys and Amaretto. 

The girls were excited to ring in the new year, but Perry was not fond of her headband.

She cheered up after a minute, and then she wanted in on the celebration, too.

We had such a great 2016 that I can't imagine 2017 being any better. Here's to working hard, staying positive, and living in the moment.

Happy New Year!!

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