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Picture of the Week: Baby Hospital Gowns

Since we had Monday off of work for Labor Day, we took the girls Halloween shopping. While I'm Christmas crazy, Isaac is all about Halloween. We always make multiple trips to the Halloween store in the fall, and our kids love it.

Brother started doing this thing where he starts to fall asleep and closes his eyes. Then he peeks at me like this, just to make sure I'm still there and gives me this little half grin when he sees that I'm still holding him. It's the sweetest thing ever, and I always want to smother him with kisses afterwards.

We played after his nap, and Brother was being his cute self.

Back at home, he was a milky mess as it drooled down his face after he ate.

Daddy swaddled him for bed, and he got him in the blanket extra tight. This kid wasn't able to move a muscle.

He had his circumcision and chordee repair on Wednesday, so Perry gave him extra lovins before we took her to school.

We had to be at the hospital two hours before the procedure, and it was a little scary for us, so we took turns snuggling and kissing Brother while we waited.

He looked so adorable in his baby hospital gown.

It only took about an hour, and then Dr. Feng came out to tell us that the surgery went great and the nurse would be right out to get us. About twenty minutes later, the anesthesiologist had to come get us from the waiting room, because the nurse forgot. She said "that poor baby is hungry, and he wants his mama!". He ate and was extra sleepy but was back to normal in no time.

While he was sleeping, and we had the day off, we went jewelry shopping. Our ten year anniversary is the fifth, and Isaac really wanted to get me a necklace or something. I explained that I preferred a new sectional for our downstairs living room, but he insisted that I get jewelry. We went to Jared, where we got our wedding rings, just to look. I wanted to get a new ring that was daintier then my wedding ring, so we started there. After looking at diamonds, I decided to go with oval, and I fell in love with the first band the jeweler showed me. It was so small and girly, and it was exactly what I wanted. We bought it and also got Isaac a chain, because he's spent the past five years trying to find one he liked, and they just happened to have one that he loved. It was a fun way to celebrate our anniversary week.

That afternoon, we went to pick the girls up from school, and Brother was still a little sleepy.

Charley Facetimed him to check on him on her way home from soccer practice that night. She's the sweetest big sister.

He was totally fine by then and being his normal, smiley self.

I took the day after Brother's surgery off to stay home with him in case he wasn't in the best mood. We had him on a steady dose of Tylenol every four hours for the first day, so I stopped that after lunch time, and he did great without it. Perry took a nap until it was time to go get the girls from school.

When we got home, she played with Brother, and he made his first selfie video and was curious about the baby on the screen.

That night, Isaac and I went to Ventano for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I can't believe it's been ten years since our wedding day. It's gone so quickly, and I couldn't be happier with where life has taken us. Love you so much, babe!

I'm pretty sure Brother is getting ready to cut some teeth, because he has his fingers in his mouth like this constantly.

We went to Hash House a Go Go, one of our favorite breakfast spots, on Saturday, and this Caramel All Over Mocha was the most delicious dessert/coffee ever. I also got my fav, the avocado toast, and it was the best. I'm a huge fan of balsamic, so this is my favorite breakfast meal!

Grace had her first soccer game of the season, and she did so great. I know this season is going to be so much better for her, because she has lots of friends on her team and really loves her coach. It's totally different from last year where she didn't really know anyone.

Perry was her mischievous self, and Brother napped through the hot afternoon game.

Char's team was up next, and they started the season right where they left off with a big win.

We hit up another Halloween store afterwards, where I tried to convince Daddy to be Danny Zuko from Grease.

Auntie Geni asked if Charley could sleepover, and she literally fell asleep a few minutes after I dropped her off. She's the best sleeper of all my kids, and will almost always fall asleep around 7:30 no matter where we are. How do I get them all to do that?

Brother woke up super happy on Sunday morning.

He napped in his bouncer all snuggled up with his lucky blanket, because the Titans pulled out a win!

We hung out in the front yard while the girls rode their bikes around before bed time.

Another week in the books! See ya next time.

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