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Picture of the Week: Poppa and Brother - Melt My Heart

Brother chewed on his toes when he woke up Monday morning. They are his current favorite toy for teething relief.

Perry had dance class after school, and Gracie played with Brother. The girls love to try to get a reaction out of him.

After dance, we stopped by Poppa and Grandma's. My heart just melts watching Poppa with the baby. He's always been the best, sweetest, most loving grandfather, and somehow he's set the bar even higher for my kids.

The girls rode their bikes with the boys out front when we got home, complete with a killer sunset backdrop.

Brother hung out in his stroller and was just happy to be outside.

Perry played in her tutu, because once you get her dressed for dance, she refuses to take it off for the rest of the night.

She looked pretty adorable playing football in it, too.

Tuesday included more toe chewing.

Perry loves this guy so much and won't pass up an opportunity to smother him in big sister kisses.

He tried to sing himself to sleep at work that morning.

He napped in his rocker.

We chit chatted at lunch time, while he hung out in his stroller.

He played on the floor at home and chewed on anything he could get his hands on. His two bottom teeth are visible through his gums, but they haven't quite popped through yet.

Remember a few weeks ago when we took that picture about nourishing your baby? We went back to the studio for an interview with our local CBS news stations about it, and the girls got to watch it Tuesday night. They kept saying, "Brother is famous!".

Wednesday, Brother was happy playing on his play mat at the office, and then he spit up all over it.

He tried to steal my iced coffee and grabbed the cup right off my desk.

He has been getting louder and louder and squeals like this when he wants attention.

We enjoyed the prettiest sunset at soccer practice on Wednesday.

Perr Perr fell asleep in my bed as soon as we got home.

Brother looked so sweet when he fell asleep in my arms. It's a constant struggle where I get him to sleep and then want to kiss him and wake him up, because he's so darn cute.

Charley kept an eye on Brother while I got ready Friday morning.

He hung out in his bouncer at the office and continued to chew on everything.

He is so ticklish, and I love his little baby laugh.

The girls' soccer games were at Acacia this weekend, which is my least favorite park. The parking is terrible, and it's always windy on their open fields. The girls love it, because there is a snow cone truck.

Char Char scored a goal, and I just happened to get it on video this time.

Back at home, Perry hung out with Brother, while we watched football.

He was so happy after his bath. This kid wants to take his bath earlier and earlier every night and goes right to bed afterwards.

When Perry woke up the next morning, she was so happy it was Sunday so she could stay home and play with Brother.

He just wanted to nap, though.

We made peanut butter kiss cookies, one of my favorites.

I had a headache, so I took a bath. Perry came in and insisted that I let her wash my hair.

Another week in the books.

See ya next time!

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