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Picture of the Week: Soccer Stars

Brother napped at the office Monday morning.

He wore Daddy's blue light glasses at lunch time and had us cracking up.

He rolled around on the floor and squealed at his play mat.

Perry got ready for dance class on Monday after school and asked Charley to take a picture on her phone.

When we got to dance class, she was all ready to get in there and do her thing.

Afterwards, we met Daddy and sisters at soccer practice where Brother worked on his sitting skills. Don't let this fool you. He quickly fell over.

We were blessed with a beautiful sunset at practice again. Our Vegas sky is always stunning.

Brother slept some more at work.

I saw this and thought it was pretty funny. Grace is in fourth grade now, and this is the first year where I'm reading the instructions to her math homework and going "huh?". If you take four times as many as two tens, how many do you have? Can't you just say 4x20? (Is that even right? Ha!)

We went to Five Guys for lunch, and Brother was happy to get out of the office.

We hung out outside for another round of soccer practice.

This kid...always with the toes.

More naps at work. I want him to go to sleep so bad, and then I don't want to put him down. The struggle is real.

He played with his new silicone links and drooled up a storm.

I did Grace's hair for Crazy Hair Day, but it really just turned out kind of cute.

Char had compound word day - headband, sunglasses, backpack.

What did Brother do at work on Friday? He napped some more. I can't help but to take a picture of him every day, because he's so adorably sweet when he's sleeping!

At home, he hung out in his Moba basket.

We had a conversation, and he chewed on his hands.

Perry came downstairs and announced the she was a real princess. Then she went outside to play baseball with the boys. If that's not the perfect description of her personality, I don't know what is. All three of my girls are the best of both worlds.

Brother napped some more while sisters played outside.

They switched to soccer this time. I love that they're playing different sports every day.

We played outside until the sun went down and had another pretty sunset.

We went to Paxton's t-ball game Saturday morning, and the girls were all ready for their soccer games. We realized that they were all number 4. Isaac loved it, because that was his football number.

During Grace's game, Perry tried to come up with some new plays for the team.

Char's team is already killing it this season and blowing out all the teams they play. It's so fun to watch them, because they are all so talented.

I saw this picture of Isabel, a cousin from Nebraska. I've always said that she looked just like Char, but this one was crazy.

Brother and Daddy tried masks on at Target.

We went to the Sebastians so Easton and Grace could finish their project. In fourth grade, the kids are given a project each month. For October, they were allowed to have groups. The kids made up songs about rounding, and these guys did the Rounding Boogie. It turned out so cute!

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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