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Picture of the Week: Best Friends Forever

Brother napped at work on Monday.

I tried to get him to watch a movie, but he wasn't too interested just yet. He just kept working on his ab muscles by half way sitting up in his rocker.

Charley took this selfie with some friends at school, and it popped up on my phone midday.

Perry had dance class after school, and is still obsessing over it. It's all she talks about. She's definitely feeling herself while in class and makes sure to tell everyone she knows that she's in dance class.

Brother was all smiles while we waited for Perry to get her ballerina on.

I have no idea what was going on in these pictures, but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw them on my phone.

Brother napped the day away at work.

He hung out on his play mat in the afternoon grunting and grabbing at his toys.

He was giving me all the biggest baby grins on Wednesday.

He's starting to get a little loud and makes sure to tell me when it's time for him to eat.

The girls had soccer practice under the prettiest sunset.

Bro Bro went to bed all swaddled up.

He was a little cranky at work, so we went for a walk, where he was all smiles.

Then he hung out in the Solly wrap for a bit and loved being so close to Mommy.

Finally...he passed out and took a long nap in his rocker.

I took his five month pictures (a couple of weeks late), and Perry begged me to take some pictures of her with Bro Bro. I love how big her smile is in these. She loves her brudder so much!

I took a picture of him with this creepy filter, and now I can't stop laughing every time I see it.

He fell asleep while eating, and I didn't want to put him down.

When I did, he snored away in his rocker.

When we got home, he was chatting up a storm. I can't get over how cute he is and just want to squish him so hard.

Bath time is obviously a favorite around here. He starts to get fussy when seven o'clock approaches to let us know it's time for his nightly bath.

Grace and Char had soccer games Saturday, so Perry hung out with Brother and kept an eye on him.

Maddie and Char "hung out" in the soccer goal after they won their game. Both of their big sisters are on the same team, too, so they always play together during their games and practices.

It was hot, so we took Brother's shirt off to help him cool down.

Gracie played goalie for the first half of her game and did a great job. Whenever she makes a mistake, she's so hard on herself. It's definitely that hardest part for me, because I always think she did awesome, and I hate seeing her get frustrated with herself. Hopefully positive reinforcement will help her grow out of that a little bit.

Brother fell asleep in his stroller at half time.

Kelly and Peyton are on Grace's team again this season, and she's so happy. They've been playing together since they were five!

The Hot Shots played a great game, and improved so much from last week! We were so proud of them afterwards.

Brother napped again when we were back at home.

We hung out in bed when he woke up, and all of the sisters joined us.

Perry wanted to hold him, which made me laugh, because he's almost as big as she is now.

He went to bed right on time, and Char cuddled up next to him and fell asleep herself. I wonder if he'll be like her and go to bed early forever.

Sunday morning was full of more napping while the rest of us watched football.

We headed to Cole's first birthday party that afternoon, and the boys had fun chillin' by the pool. (Frannie, is this Riley or Oliver? Help! Can you tell?)

Brother wore Daddy's chain because it made him look extra cool, but it was so heavy that it put him to sleep.

We snuggled at bed time, and I didn't want to put him in his own bed so I could go to sleep. That's always been a struggle for me. I love snuggling my babies while they sleep and never want to put them down.

That's all for this week. See ya next time!

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