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Picture of the Week: Galaxy Girls Make it to the Championship Game (Go, Char!)

Baby brother started to stay awake for a few minutes at a time, and we had fun talking to him and watching his reactions.

He also continued to nap A LOT.

I could seriously watch him all day. He's so sweet!

Perry loves him so much, and wants to be next to him constantly.

She stayed home with me on Monday and took a nice, long nap.

Brother smiled in his sleep.

We waited for the girls to get out of school and turned ourselves into men on Snapchat.

I snuggled baby brother at bed time.

Grace and Charley came running downstairs so excited to show me these face masks that they found from Christmas. They had me cracking up and thought they were so cool.

Perry took Charley's when she was finished with it.

Brother drank lots of milk and let it run down his face when he was full.

Perry rubbed his cheeks "because I love him!".

He slept while I worked on Tuesday.

I tried taking a video of him being awake, and he let out the loudest fart. Boys will be boys.

The girls had a hula hoop contest with Noah and Easton after school.

Perry wanted to hold brother all night long, and she was so cute with him.

On Wednesday, she got to try out Tumblebus for the first time. She had so much fun and loved it, so we signed her up for classes once a week.

Brother napped some more and continued to smile in his sleep.

He even napped at soccer practice, while the girls played.

Gracie worked on her soccer skills during some new drills.

Brother woke up to hang out with Daddy, while we watched Grace do her thing.

Charley gave brother some love before school on Thursday.

So Perry had to take her turn and give him some love, as well. She was so cute trying to help him reach the toys to play with them.

I made sure to get some snuggle time in with him, too.

Perry spread her "work" out all over the living room because she "had to get it done".

I caught brother hanging out with his eyes open.

Charley made a tent out of toothpicks and Play-Doh at school.

Brother looked so sweet napping in his basket.

Perry snacked on Otter Pops while we waited for sisters to get out of school.

The girls brought her a popsicle from the snack shack, too, and she was so excited about it.

We played outside with the neighbors, and the girls got in some more street hockey and rode their bikes around.

Charley had her first soccer game of the tournament. The girls went down 0-2 pretty quickly.

Brother napped through the whole thing, and Grace and Perry goofed around on the sidelines while we cheered Char's team on.

They battled back and ended up with a tie in game one. It was so cool to see them come from behind, and we were all so proud of them.

Char brought this home from school all about where she lives and was so excited as she told us all about it.

She also brought home this story about a turtle that she made in art class.

Perry snuggled with Daddy early Saturday morning.

We had some more soccer games on Saturday, and Char's team kicked butt in game two. She asked me if she could get a new LOL Doll if she got a goal. This happened on the very next play. Girlfriend can always be bought with a bribe.

The clouds made some rainbows, and Perry had fun playing with Presley and Paxton during Grace's game.

Guess what brother was doing?

I saw this and loved it so much.

Brother napped some more when we got home.

We went to Char's third game, and Perry hung out with the team during half time. They ended up winning and getting a shutout which put them in first place for the championship game on Sunday. We were so excited for them!

Perry also made some phone calls.

She found a ladybug, and her reaction was priceless. She wanted to hold it but was also freaked out every time it moved.

I snuggled brother some more at bed time that night.

Charley's team ended up tying in the championship game, so we went to penalty kicks to decide on the winner. We lost on the very last kick, but Charley was still excited because second place gets a medal! We had the best season with her team, and we're already looking forward to next season. Congrats, Galaxy Girls!

We were all tired when we got home, so we took some naps.

Meanwhile, Daddy took Perry to the car wash, which meant snack time for her.

We went over to Grammy and Papa's for dinner, because Aunt Cindy and Jackie were in town to meet baby Isaac. The cousins had a blast playing together, as usual, and we were happy that we got to spend some time with family.

This spoke to me when I came across it, so I had to share.

Brother looked adorable at bed time. I still cannot get enough of this little guy!

See ya next time!

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