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Picture of the Week: Babies Holding Babies

Gracie held baby brother before school on Monday. These kids are constantly asking to hold him, and I love it.

Since Daddy took this whole week off work, he dropped Grace and Char off at school, and Perry got to stay home with us. She had a blast helping Daddy work in the back yard, coloring, watching movies, and asking if it was time to pick sisters up from school yet all day long.

Baby brother made the cutest baby noises, and I just stared at him all day.

When I wasn't snuggling with him, he napped in his Moba basket. He loves it, and I love that we can have him next to us wherever we are, and he's up high enough that I can make sure Perry isn't trying to pick him up.

He finally started to open his eyes for a few minutes here and there and looked so handsome.

We took him for a check up at Dr. Vu's office, and he had gotten down to six pounds, eight ounces at four days old. I can't get over how tiny he is. Doctor said everything looks great and gave us a referral to the urologist. I'm not looking forward to that visit.

When we left the doctor's office, it was raining, and we heard some of the loudest thunder ever. We had to get a picture to document baby's first thunderstorm.

Papa Craig and Grandma Sunshine sent us some chocolate covered pineapples and strawberries, and they were delicious.

Daddy helped Perry hold brother, and it was adorable.

He really likes laying on this soft blanket on our bed, too.

Perry couldn't hold him enough. She loves to touch his feet, and really loves how he holds her finger whenever she touches his hand.

She spent Wednesday coloring Moana pictures while watching Moana.

Brother was the sweetest little snuggler.

Daddy gave Perr a ring pop, and she thought it was so cool.

Brother spent more time in his Moba basket.

Perry wanted to help every time I fed the baby, so she held his hand while he ate.

Why is a baby stretching the cutest thing ever?

Perr napped on the couch, but she only wanted to sleep if brother slept by her.

We snuggled some more.

Charley held brother after school. I love how she giggles every time he moves or makes a noise. These two are like twins.

Presley and Paxton came over with Auntie Stef to meet the baby and celebrate Charley's seventh birthday.

They all sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him.

We sang Happy Birthday to Charley. We didn't have any candles, so Daddy improvised with match sticks.

Perry held brother before bed, and started dancing when her favorite commercial came on the TV.

She was exhausted from a long day of fun and fell asleep on the couch like this.

Charley opened all of her birthday cards and was so excited to put money in her wallet.

Brother did what he does best and slept the day away.

He opened his eyes occasionally.

Perry played with her sticker book and had me laughing at her silly pictures.

The girls played hockey out front with the boys, and Perry thought she was so cool in her goalie mask.

Brother got the hiccups. He got them at least once a day the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

He napped with Daddy.

He got his first bath and screamed through it. Poor guy hated it.

We hung out Thursday morning and took turns holding him while we all got ready.

We went to lunch at Jersey Mike's, and baby slept right through it.

We took Perry to play at the splash pad since it was warm out.

Brother also soaked up some sun. He had a band-aid on his heel from his Bilirubin blood screening. The doctor called that afternoon with the test results and said everything looked perfect.

Baby ate and got milk all over his face.

Perry spent more time snuggling him. I could watch these two all day long.

Daddy let Grace and Char skip school on Friday so we could all spend the day together before he went back to work. We took them to the Discovery Children's Museum, and they had so much fun.

I loved watching them play on this stage and use their imagination to create stories with the props.

As usual, brother slept through everything in his stroller.

I think their favorite part was the craft table where they got to cut, glue, and color all kinds of things.

My nursing partner was back to hold brother's hand again.

We went to the Austen Russell celebration at the park, and the girls made bracelets.

They worked out with Daddy when we got home.

Brother slept some more.

That's pretty much all he does right now.

Perry continued to play with the bracelet she made. She loved taking the beads on and off.

We went to the girls' soccer games, and Gracie played goalie for the first time. She did such a great job and only allowed one goal at the last second of the half. We were so proud of her!

Perry fed her own baby in the bath tub.

Brother smiled in his sleep.

I may be biased, by this little guy is the cutest!

We celebrated Acelyn's third birthday at Weston Hills Park. Since it was Perry's actual birthday, we sang to them both before Perr stole Acelyn's wish and blew out the candle. The kids had a blast, and we loved getting out to see our friends.

The Gerfys came over to have some carne asada for Cinco de Mayo, and Amelia loved holding the baby.

We made cupcakes for Perry's birthday, and the girls licked the batter.

We sang Happy Birthday to our big three year old. It still blows my mind that she's three.

Our first week with baby brother was perfect. We had the best time hanging out all together. I wish we could all stay home with each other every week. 

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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