The Best (Mom) Friends a Girl Could Ask For

June and January is one of our favorite clothing stores for the girls. They have lots of basics like tank tops, shorts, skirts, tees, and more in tons of different colors. I love getting the girls outfits that coordinate but aren't matchy matchy. Most of my friends shop there for their kids, too, so when we heard they were having a warehouse sample sale in California, we knew we had to take a mom's trip and head down there for the day.

Three days before the sale, we decided to stay the night since the Knights were playing Saturday, and we didn't want to miss the game. We booked a hotel room in Huntington Beach and counted down the days. We left super early in the morning and got to the warehouse in Orange, CA a little early. We were first in line, so we got to enter first, and we all bought tons of stuff, and at $10 a piece, we were all excited about our haul.

Once our shopping experience was over, we drove to Huntington for the afternoon. We stayed at the Shorebreak Hotel, which was right next to the beach and had some pretty great views.

After checking in and putting our stuff upstairs, we went down to Main Street to find something for lunch.

We ended up at Fred's Mexican Cafe where Kasie met up with us, and we all had such a good time eating and drinking with the girls.

I had the best calamari salad that I'm still dreaming about.

After lunch, we decided to walk the beach for a while. There was a junior surf competition going on, so we sat on the beach and watched the surfers for a while.

Our hotel had the coolest outdoor spaces, so we sat outside on a patio sipping cocktails, lattes, and people watching.

We headed to Legends Sports Bar for the Knights game, and there were so many Knights fan there. We had so much fun cheering them on, even though they weren't able to pull out the win. There were guys behind our table that kept talking bad about the bandwagon Knights fans until we told him we were all raised in Vegas. They cut us some slack and were even talking about how cool it would be to go to a game in Vegas by the end of the game.

We walked the pier before heading back to our hotel, and there is nothing quite like a sunset on the beach.

We hung out at our hotel and made s'mores for dessert on the patio.

The next morning, Allison and I woke up really early and took a walk to grab some coffee. We headed down to the beach and walked the shoreline forever. It was quiet and beautiful, and we collected shells and watched the crabs and seagulls hanging near the water for hours. When Jen and Frannie were up and ready to go, we headed back to grab our stuff and make our way home.

We stopped by Eddie's to grab a little gift for the kids on our way home.

I had the best time with these ladies and cannot wait to take more mom's trips with them in the future. We had such a relaxing time chatting about anything and everything and just hanging out without having to rush anywhere or worry about anything. I really do have the best friends a girl could ask for. The fact that they have pretty cool husbands and some awesome kids, too, is just the cherry on top of a gigantic ice cream sundae in the middle of the desert.

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