Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Cousin Love <3

Perry and I snuggled after work on Monday.

Tuesday, we went to dinner with the family at Ventano where Perry and Ava got down on their favorite foods.

I had to stop by the DMV on the way home from work Wednesday, so I was able to pick the girls up from school. Perry loves waiting by the gate and always keeps a close eye on Char's class so she can yell, "I see Char Char!" as soon as the kids start walking out.

We went to Chase's baseball game that evening, and he happened to be playing JJ's team. We had so much fun hanging out with all of the friends and family that were there.

Thursday was a little breezy, so Grace tried flying her kite out front, while Perry and Char played with bubbles and rode bikes.

Perry was extra tired Friday morning. I love waking her up to get ready for the day when she's so sleepy and just wants to snuggle.

We met the Gerfys at The District for tacos and the splash pad after work.

Daddy and Perry slept in Saturday morning, and they were the cutest.

Grace's game was up first this weekend, and she got to play against one of her best friends from school. Most of the girls on her team are in her class, but Bryce is on a different team, and it's always fun to play them each season.

Perry snacked on croissants and did Grace's make-up when it was Char's turn.

The Gerfys came over to watch the Knights game that night, and Amelia had fun petting Toodles.

We're getting ready for potty training, so Perry has been wearing panties around the house lately, which means no pants, ever.

We went over to my mom's to spent one last night with the family before they all went back home, and the girls had fun swimming. Perry insisted on feeding Ava, and they were so cute sharing a chair together.

This sassy pants had to make some important phone calls just like Daddy.

She cleaned off in the sink after dessert, and the girls swam some more before it was time to head home for bed.

We had such a fun week with our family in town!

See ya next week <3

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