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Picture of the Week: Dyeing Eggs with Poppa and Gran

We spent Monday hanging out in the Orlando airport. It was our longest travel day ever, and everyone was over it by the time we got home.

We spent Tuesday relaxing around the house before it was back to work and school. Perry took pictures on her iPad, did Mommy's make-up, and snacked on animal crackers.

I had a nail appointment, and when I came home, Daddy had the girls racing down the street on their bikes.

When Perry saw that my nails were painted, she wanted hers painted, too.

Gracie brought home some pretty art that she made in art class.

Charley had to read words and draw a picture that went with each word. I especially liked her "bruise" picture.

Perry painted an earthworm, and almost stayed in the lines.

Poppa and Gran came over Friday night to have dinner, dye Easter eggs, and watch the Knights game. The girls had fun dyeing their own eggs this year and even made some pretty cool tie dye ones.

When we were finished, we watched the game, and it was so adorable to see Perry put her hand over her own heart when the Star Spangled Banner started. The Knights pulled out a win to make the night that much better.

Saturday was Ava's first birthday. We went to Hidden Falls park to celebrate, and Allison had the cutest Easter them all set up.

Ava ate some pizza and loved holding it on her own.

She devoured her cake and had a blast doing so.

After cake, the kids had a huge egg hunt all over the park. They loved it! Charley and Chase helped Perry fill her bag with eggs once theirs were full. Happy First Birthday, Aba Aba! We love you so, so much!!

Easter Sunday was spent with lots of family celebrating and hunting for eggs all day long.

We had a great, short week home after our vacation and are starting to get back in the groove of things.

See ya next week!

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