He is Risen {Happy Easter}

The girls were talking about Easter all weekend. They couldn't wait to see where the Easter bunny hid the eggs and kept reminding us about years past: "remember when he hid one on Daddy's tire on his car?" or "remember when we found an egg in the tree and Daddy had to climb it to reach it?". The hunt was much anticipated this year, for sure.

The girls came in to wake us up in the morning and had already taken stuff out of their baskets. I'm glad I thought to take a picture the night before.

They were so excited about their new Native shoes and Easter Squishmallows.


They also got their own letter boards so they can practice their spelling (and leave Mommy's alone).

Perry went straight for the chocolate bunnies.

We all got ready to head to breakfast, because the girls didn't see any eggs out the window. They were pretty bummed that the Easter Bunny didn't hide any this year. As we were leaving, they saw a trail of eggs leading to the back yard, and it was on.

Once all of the eggs were found, we headed out to Angel Park Country Club for brunch with Papa Craig and Grandma Sunshine.

The Easter Bunny was handing out candy. Grace and Char ran right over to him, but Perry wasn't his biggest fan.

She took a sucker anyways, and the girls went back over when Presley and Paxton arrived for a second round of candy.

Girlfriend sure does love her mama, though.

We ate a yummy buffet breakfast and enjoyed the views while we chatted away.

When we left, Uncle and Pax walked hand in hand in their boots.

Our next stop was Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's. We snapped some pictures out front while the Easter Bunny was hiding some more eggs in the backyard.

The kids ran amok and collected tons of eggs. Perry got Grandma to help her out.

They played outside for a bit before deciding that they wanted to swim. Grandma had the cutest suits for everyone, and they had a blast splashing away in the jacuzzi.

Next up was Papa and Grammy's. The kids opened their gifts, and Perry made sure Ava drank her milk before the egg hunt.

The kids all got their bags ready to go, and they were off to the races.

Perry and Kait were so cute after they got their eggs playing together and being silly.

We had lots of family in town from Papa Rick's side, so we spent the evening hanging out with them before they had to go back home.

When we got home that night, Grace gave us this sweet note thanking us for taking her out to breakfast. I loved the picture of their Easter baskets the best. She even got the hula hoops in there.

We had a great Easter with lots of family (we had celebrated with Poppa and Gran the night before dying eggs and watching the Knights beat the St. Louis Blues). We talked a lot about the meaning of Easter and how Jesus's resurrection meant eternal salvation for us all. We talked about heaven and how God loves us all so much that he let his only son die for OUR sins. Although it was a little over their heads, it got them thinking about what their heaven looked like, and we discussed how their houses would be made of ice cream. These are my favorite types of conversations to have with my girls. I love learning more about their little (but really big) personalities and the way they think about life.

Happy Easter!

He is risen!

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