Friendship Day {and Hollywood Studios}

Day two in Disney World started off with an early breakfast, because we had our Extra Magic Hours where we got into the park an hour early.

We quickly rented a stroller, and Perry was so happy that it had Coco on the back. That movie is currently her jam.

Since we didn't get a fast pass for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, we headed there as soon as we entered the park. We only had to wait about fifteen minutes, and the ride didn't disappoint. They had the funnest jewels and mine activities for the kids while we waited, but I had switched Isaac phones, and his froze, so I didn't get any pictures. Luckily, we had purchased the Memory Maker before our trip, so we got all of the pictures taken throughout the park and all of the ride photos emailed to us at the end of our trip. They even sent us a video of us on the ride.

After the mine train, we headed over to the Haunted Mansion to use our fast pass. Perry was pretty terrified of that one, but she was a trooper and just held my hand really tight.

After the ride, we hurried over to The Crystal Palace for our breakfast reservation. It was Friendship Day with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. The food was delish, and the girls loved seeing each character. Perry warmed up more as each one came, and she even gave Piglet a kiss on the nose.

Once we had seen all of the characters, we went over towards Space Mountain. We ran into Stitch on the way and had to stop to say hello.

The girls were having a blast walking around the castle and did cartwheels and handstands all over the park.

Daddy took them on Space Mountain, and Charley was not a fan at all.

We had done pretty much everything in the Magic Kingdom that was different from Disneyland, so we decided to head over to Hollywood Studios for the rest of the day. Perry colored while we rode the bus to the next park.

When we got there, Grace and Char went on Star Tours with Daddy. Perry and I danced, watched a Jedi show, and played with the buckles on her stroller that we ended up buying when we entered the park.

When Daddy and the girls were done, we went to meet Olaf. I knew Perry would love him, because she was on a Frozen kick for a longgg time. She loves her some Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff.

Perry passed out in the stroller, so we stopped to eat lunch and let her catch some z's. 

We got some hot dogs that were humongous. Isaac used his arm as a reference to show just how big they were.

We had a fast pass for the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, and Perry woke up just before the show started. She had a blast singing along to all of her favorite Frozen songs. She lost it when Elsa made it snow, and I thought she was going to explode from all the giggles. Despite sleeping through the second half of the show, Charley loved the snow, too.

On our way out of the theater, we ran into the storm troopers. They were walking towards a stage, and it was a little creepy how soldier-like they were following their leader's orders through the crowd. The girls ate it up, though, and loved being so close to them.

We stopped by the Hollywood stars for a picture before we headed back to the bus. There wasn't a whole lot to do in Hollywood Studios, but they are getting ready to open a Toy Story Land and a Star Wars land, so there should be much more to do next time we visit.

Grace and Char both fell asleep on the bus, while we rode back to the hotel.

We passed a little lizard walking to our room, and he didn't even run away when we got close.

The girls were excited to see TWO swans when we walking into our room. They even placed one of the girls' Pez dispensers in the middle.

We went to the SiteOne desk downstairs and got our backpacks and name badges for the welcome dinner. Perry loved the pink ponchos that were included in our packs.

We all got dressed up and headed to the ball room for our welcome dinner. The girls ate all kinds of fun food from the kid's buffet, and we had the yummiest balsamic ribs from the grown-ups side.

We got the meet the white rabbit, the mad hatter, and Alice, and the DJ had the girls dancing all night long.

They ran around the room like they owned the place eating Mickey Mouse suckers and partying with the other kids. Char bit down on a sucker with her front tooth (which was  already loose), which made it bleed and become super loose. It wasn't quite ready to come out yet, but it took her a minute to calm down and head back out on the dance floor.

The girls did the limbo, and Perry pretty much just circled the lady holding it and went under 400 times. She was having a blast.

They did a conga line all the way around the ball room.

And Gracie even won second place in the hula hoop competition after surviving three rounds.

We ended the night watching the firework show and heading up to bed for another early morning to come.

Animal Kingdom is up next, and it was our favorite day in Orlando! Stay tuned...

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