Our Final Day in Disney World {Epcot}

Our final day in Disney World was spent at Epcot. 

Isaac and I were really excited to check it out, because it was totally new to us. We took a monorail from our hotel and got there as soon as it opened. Our first ride was Spaceship Earth where we learned about the history of communication and the first computers. We were able to select options for our future like: Would you prefer the beach or the city? Are you more interested in family or work? Then the ride created a video of us in our future world, which was pretty awesome.

We walked over to Future World West and went on Living with the Land. This ride was awesome as they showed us all of the research Disney is doing to find different growing techniques and helping to find ways to sustain our growing population. We rode on a boat through a huge greenhouse where they had all kinds of plants in tons of different growing stations. They use all of the food grown here to serve guests in their resorts and restaurants. (Perry was not a fan when we got on another boat ride, but she liked it once we got out of the dark.)

Next, we went over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends. We had about an hour to wait before our fast pass was ready, so we went in the aquarium and had so much fun watching the manatees, sharks, and different fish. The girls spotted Nemo and Dory and loved the giant glass walls.

I've loved manatees since I was a little girl and did a big report and presentation on them in G.A.T.E. It was so fun for the girls to see them up close and see how cool they are. My dad "adopted" one for me when I was Grace's age, and they would send me info on her every now and then. It was really neat, so I'm looking into doing the same thing for my girls.

After Nemo, we went to the World Showcase. We started in the Port of Entry where we picked up our passports and an Easter egg hunt. We happened to be in Epcot during the International Flower and Garden Festival, so they had a Honey Bee Scavenger Hunt going on, too. The World Showcase is a big lagoon that you walk around with different countries that you pass through as you go. They each had food, treats, shops, and drinks specific to that country. The girls were so excited to start their scavenger hunts.

The first country we visited was Mexico. We saw lots of Coco stuff everywhere, so Perry was in heaven. We bought some Coco toys and a wooden Jacob's ladder made with colorful ribbon. We couldn't find the Easter egg, so we were a little worried about how difficult this was going to be.

Norway was next, and we got to meet Anna and Elsa. They were so sweet, and the girls couldn't get enough of them.

The Honey Bee was a lot easier to find, and then we spotted our first egg! Daisy Duck was sitting on top of the waterfall (look to the top right).

After Norway, we went to China, Germany, and Italy.

Isaac got a beer in Germany, and I had to grab a peach bellini in Italy.

Perry napped through this part, and Charley tasted the drop of bellini that was left in my cup, which made her feel so cool.

We ate pizza for lunch form Napoli Ristorante, and it was delicious.

Next up was Japan, where I realized that my big camera had a huge smudge on the lens the whole day. It was the first day I actually brought it to the park with us, too. The girls loved the buildings in Japan, and we were doing a great job with the egg hunt at this point, too.

We went through Morocco and then France, where we had to get dessert from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. I had an eclair, Perry ate creme brulee, and the girls shared a fruit tart and strawberries and cream. Everything was so yummy!

After France, we went to the U.K. and then Canada before we were back at the beginning.

We had to go through Mexico again, because it was the only egg we didn't find. We ran into Donald Duck from The Three Caballeros and had to stop for a picture. Perry loved him and gave him a high-five and a kiss before we had to go.

The girls Easter egg hunt was complete, and they got to choose special Disney eggs as their prize. Char got Sulley and Grace got Minnie Mouse.

We had so much fun in Epcot and made sure to get a picture out front before heading back to the hotel.

After dinner and our last firework show, we all went to bed happy. We had the best time in Disney World! I am so grateful to SiteOne for taking us on this trip, and I cannot wait to take the girls again someday. We were able to experience almost everything there in our four full days, and I feel like next time will be even better, since I know how to prepare now. The girls were so happy, and thanked us over and over again for bringing them. I couldn't have asked for a better trip with my favorite people. See ya next time, Orlando!

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