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Picture of the Week: Making it to Orlando!

The few days before we left for Disney World were pretty crazy. Grace started complaining that her head was itchy. Having lice myself a couple of times as a kid, I knew that was an option. I didn't see anything when I looked, but I called Lice Happens just to be safe. This sweet lady came over and combed through all of our hair. As it turns out, Grace and Charley both had it, and Perry and I both did not. This service got rid of everything in the girls' hair, and lucky for us, we were leaving the next morning for Orlando. Apparently, they can only live off of your scalp for up to 48 hours, so our house would be clear of them when we got home. We washed all of the bedding and blankets to be safe, and I remained paranoid every time someone touched their head for weeks. The lady from Lice Happens told me that she had done the heads of at least three other families from the girls' school the previous week. I immediately told the school, because I wanted to make sure it was gone when we came back from vacation.

Since I had to take the day off from work for this lady to come over, the girls and I did some fun activities from their Surprise Ride subscription boxes that Uncle Zac and Auntie Stef got them for Christmas. The one they chose was all about sand on Mars and how water doesn't soak into it like it does with our sand. They had so much fun playing with it all morning as we took turns getting our hair combed through.

In more exciting news, one of my favorite shops was releasing some new baby items. Isaac and I had started trying for another baby, so I decided to take a pregnancy test even though it was a little early. To my surprise, both tests were positive almost immediately. (Don't get too didn't last long.)

We left for Disney World the next morning, and we got to our hotel mid-afternoon. It was beautiful, and they had a live orchestra playing Disney songs from the balcony. Since it was the week before Easter, they had beautiful eggs throughout the hotel lobby. We didn't have any plans for that day, so we spent a while walking around looking at all of them. The girls loved trying to figure out which movie each egg was from. Some of them were extremely detailed and just beautiful.

The girls were super excited when we got to our room and found the towels on our beds rolled up like Mickey Mouse.

We ate dinner and watched the firework show on the patio to end our travel day. We were all so excited to head to the Magical Kingdom the next morning.

Unfortunately, three days after my missed period (and six days after the positive tests), I started spotting on the airplane to Orlando. I was a little nervous, but that had happened when I got pregnant with Charley, so I tried not to think too much of it. It got a little heavier each time I went to the restroom, and we officially lost the "baby" our first day in the park. I guess it couldn't have happened in a better place, because we were distracted and were able to easily take our minds off of it. I don't know if you can call it a miscarriage, because I was basically just three days late, but the feelings were the same. We were so excited and had already told our parents, siblings, and closest friends. I had already bought a couple of onesies, and we had sat down with the girls and told them. Everyone was so happy and excited! I explained to the girls that the baby wasn't healthy and never got a heart. They were OK with it, although they did ask about it a few times over the next couple of days. 

As hard as it was having to relay that message to everyone that we had already told, I'm glad I had them all to lean on. Their words of support and encouragement were definitely needed. I kind of buried the feelings deep down and wasn't able to actually feel what had happened for almost two months. After feeling numb for a while, I just broke down one day, and then I was able to start moving past it. We'll keep trying and praying that another baby will be able to join our family someday. In the meantime, I am extra grateful for the three beautiful girls that already call me Mom.

That's all for now. See ya next week!

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