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Picture of the Week: Sleepover at Uncle Zac's

Monday was Isaac's birthday, and we celebrated with cake at work. We ordered Metro Pizza to go for dinner, complete with his favorite dessert, tiramisu. Grace wrote him a story about a Daddy and daughter dragon that was so sweet.

Charley's class learned about college and each got $50 to start their college savings accounts. She was so excited when she came home in her shirt that says, "^ is Going to College".

I picked Perry up from school and tried to get a picture of her with her letter 'o' but she wasn't very interested.

She helped Charley work on homework where we had to draw two cards and then subtract the lower number from the higher number.

Perry is always the sweetest when she wakes up in the morning. I love being able to wake her up on school days (especially because she loves to wake me up on the weekends).

Grace has been having some issues with her birthmark where it's opening and has a big hole in the middle. It scabbed over, but it got so painful that she was limping when she walked. We went to her pediatrician who immediately put her on antibiotics before she developed cellulitis since it looked infected. We've also been putting an antibiotic cream on it morning and night, and it looks and feels SO much better. She's going to a dermatologist in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, we're keeping up with the cream regimen. She was stoked when she picked out two Star Wars bandaids one night and randomly got both light sabers.

Perr Perr slept so peacefully that night, while I folded laundry next to her. Matching up a week's worth of clean socks in our family is a real chore around here.

The girls' school celebrated Career Week, and Char's class got to meet a K-9 police dog. Side Note: I just love when she dresses herself for school. Those leggings look fab with her Golden Knights jersey and red sandals!

Every morning when I cut up strawberries to take to work, Perry demands "tahbayees" and always wants "udder one" for her other hand. She has a real obsession with always having two of everything and will freak out if you only give her one cracker and her other hand is empty. Isaac says it's a great quality, because one day when someone proposes to her, she'll say "uhh...where's the second ring for my other hand?".

Char's class made Piggie Pie on Friday, and she took strawberries to school for the ears. She was not a fan of the bagel or strawberry cream cheese that they used for the face, but she had fun putting it together with her friends.

We met up with some of my mama friends from high school, and while the kids had fun decorating cupcakes and running amok at the park, I had such a blast catching up with everyone. It was so nice to see some friends that I haven't seen in years, and I hope that we can do this more often!

After our play date, we met the Gerfys at Me Gusta Tacos for dinner and watched the most beautiful sunset.

Grace and Charley had a sleepover with Uncle Zac and Auntie Stef, and they had so much fun playing with their cousins.

They obviously all get their sweet dance moves from the Espejo side.

Isaac and I woke up early and went for a walk up this huge hill that leads to the water tower. Judging by Perry's awesome eye roll at the end of the video, she wasn't as impressed as we were.

The girls colored with Presley and Paxton when they woke up that morning.

Perry and I got some new clothes in the mail, and she insisted that I let her wear this, while she watched Coco (her current favorite movie that is on repeat at all times). Notice she has a graham cracker in both hands.

We went to pick up the girls, and Perry fell asleep on the way. We let her nap in the car, while we waited for Uncle Zac and the kids to get back from the park.

We took the girls to sushi for dinner that night, and Grace was being so silly with the chopsticks.

After dinner, we stopped by Rolled Ice Cream, which was so much fun! You pick what you want mixed in, and then they chop it up and add a little bit of cream. They lay it out flat, and it all freezes together so they can scrape it into rolls. The girls loved it, and the end result was delicious!

Sunday morning, I had a ton of work to catch up on, so Daddy took the girls to the park and sent me this sweet video of Perry going down the slide on her own.

I met up with them after a while, and we shot some hoops until Isaac had to break up a fight on the court between some high school kids.

After the park, we went grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day lounging around at home.

Next week is Valentine's Day and more family pictures, and we can't wait <3

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