Surrounded by Love {Thanksgiving in Omaha}

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with family in Omaha, Nebraska. We hadn't been back for a few years, so we decided to spend a whole week with family for the holiday.

The night before the big feast, Grace and Charley stayed with Grandma Sunshine in her hotel room. They enjoyed breakfast downstairs with her, while Perry enjoyed breakfast with Daddy.

Once we were all at Grandma's, we got ready for the day and headed out back to play for a while. The girls could not have looked cuter, so in my usual fashion, I couldn't stop snapping pictures of them.

Perry loved climbing onto the deck and coming down the stairs all by herself. She did so over and over again.

We saw a Bald Eagle flying over the river, and it was so beautiful.

The girls and I decided to rake up some more leaves, and they had fun playing in them again.

I caught Perry coloring on sister's papers while they were putting their shoes on.

We headed over to Aunt Carol's, and the girls were excited to color their crafts that Aunt Susie brought for them.

Aunt Carol did such a beautiful job whipping up all of this food, setting the table, and cooking the perfect turkey.

Isaac said Grandma Jennie's prayer, and then it was time to dig in. The food was fabulous, and as usual, Aunt Carol's sweet potato pie had us all raving.

Perry fell asleep right as we all sat down at the table to eat, so she missed out on the good stuff.

After dinner, the girls played in the backyard, while we cleaned up downstairs.

We got a few pictures of the whole group by the prettiest tree in the yard.

Back inside, Perry was fresh from her nap and played with the nerf gun and chowed down on watermelon.

We spent the rest of the night chatting, laughing, and loving every second with the family. Our everyday life is so blessed, and we were extra thankful to be able to spend this week surrounded by love with family that we don't get to see that often. This Thanksgiving, my heart has been overflowing with happiness as I've watched Isaac play in leaves with the girls, teach them to ice skate, make silly monkey sounds with them after visiting the zoo, and then grab my hand with a squeeze as we sit on the couch watching them wrestle with each other. I'm so very thankful for the life that I've been given, and I could not ask for anything more.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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