The Perfect Backdrop

I've been working through a Lightroom photo editing class the past few days, which hasn't left much time for blogging. I really love some of the pictures from this particular post, and I wanted to edit some of them before posting. They turned out so beautiful, and I'm loving everything that I'm learning.

Last Sunday, we spent the day in Boulder City at Art in the Park. It's always in October, when the weather isn't so bad, and we try to make it every year. The girls love exploring and seeing all of the fun things they always have.

We started off with a picture, of course, and then made our way through the first row of booths.

The girls loved the metal art, and they were really impressed with the colorful wind chimes.

These Halloween gourds were awesome, and watching the girls try to copy their silly faces had me cracking up.

We saw some kids with these awesome puppets when we were walking in, and I knew we'd be buying some as soon as we found the booth. Isaac's Papa Taylor had one when he was a kid, and he would get it out every time we visited him. The girls chose white and pink and named them Snowball and Cupcake.

Perry was pretty fascinated with these waterfalls and kept yelling, "wa wa! wa wa!" (that's how she says water).

We stopped for some Texas Twister lemonade, and the girls played in this prop that was set up next to it.

We also got some fried bread from the Navajo Taco stand, because it's one of our favorite things about these events.

While we hung out on the grass, Daddy helped Perry play with Snowball.

The girls walked their new "pets" all over the lawn.

I pulled out my camera to snap some pictures, because the girls looked so damn cute. Then I played in Lightroom to edit some of them and was pleasantly surprised with myself.

Before and After.

Before and After.

Before and After.

This might be my favorite.

After we hung out for a while, we had to leave to do our usual Sunday errands. Char was so cute holding Perry's hand as we walked back to the car.

We had a blast as usual and got some fun crafts and yummy spice mixes. We love Boulder City, because of its huge, green trees and the small town feel. It also made for the perfect back drop for some sweet fall pictures of my girls <3

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