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Picture of the Week: Fall Harvest Festival

Grace had to go back to the dentist to get fitted for her transpalatal arch. She did so well and got to hang out in the movie area while she waited for the doctor to come in.

Doterra had a special running for the month of October where you spend a certain amount on oils and you get three full-size bottles free. I couldn't pass that up and added to my collection. I organized them all in this bamboo box that my mom got me last year, so I will be able to find them easily this cold/flu season. I've also been taking some to work to diffuse in the office, and I'm learning about all kinds of new combinations.

Perry watched Care Bears in the most comfortable way possible.

Grace got 100% on her knowledge of the Pledge of Allegiance quiz and even drew the Statue of Liberty on the back.

Charley sounded out and wrote down different body parts.

Perry wore my shoes around the house, while I was busy doing dishes.

Daddy read the girls Char's new library book, Peanut Butter and Cupcake, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Charley completed the first line on her Kindess Bingo by writing a letter to her librarian.

She also worked on writing full sentences in class and learned all about pumpkins and how they grow.

Grace brought home this All About Me book with fun facts about her favorite things.

Perry played in the bath tub. She always loves the running water and hates when I turn it off.

Grace's class does fun experiments at school on Wacky Wednesdays. Her teacher is the best and makes class so fun. The first experiment this week was to see how much the carbonation in a soda could blow up a balloon.

Afterwards, the class went outside and put Mentos in a Diet Coke bottle to watch it explode. Gracie wrote down her observations about explosions and poppin' matter.

Char's teacher has been having the kids write down their acts of kindness to make a kindness chain, and after only a couple of days, it's already getting long.

Perry ran around the neighborhood putting chapstick on her lips over and over again. I'm sure she ate most of it.

Gracie got an 'A' on her math quiz. Math is probably her best subject, while she struggles with reading and spelling. We're working hard at home to get better in her hardest subjects, so it's nice to see her doing well in the areas we don't spend as much time practicing.

Perry was exhausted and did not want to get up for school on Thursday. The doggy face filter helped perk her up a little.

That morning, the sunset was breathtaking. This picture does it no justice, because the rays were peaking out from behind the clouds, and you could see them clearly like fingers touching the sky.

I snuck over to the ABC Kid's Expo on my lunch break on Thursday to check out a few things they had. My favorite was definitely the Freshly Picked booth and the sneak peaks they had of some new moccs and sandal styles that are coming out next year. I pre-ordered the diaper bag in August, and it's supposed to come in November. They had a few there, and it's much bigger in person, which I loved. I cannot wait to get it!

Ava was all smiles when I got back to the office.

Perry watched Care Bears after school and is starting to learn some of the lines. It cracks me up when she mimics them.

Perry played in the bathtub and was making the cutest faces, so bath time turned into a mini photo shoot.

All of the cheesin' made her really sleepy, and she snuggled with her blanky in her DockATot.

Friday night was the girls' harvest festival. They had so much fun running around with their friends and playing games.

Gracie was in her element with her "ghouls" and ditched us to hang with them for most of the night. They are all so sweet, and I couldn't help but laugh when Isaac told me this story:

Isaac: "Hey, Grace. I got a snow cone. Do you want a bite?"
Grace: "Dad, I'm not about that right now."
Isaac: "Umm, ok." (Stands there awkwardly.)
Grace: "Ugh. Everyone, this is Isaac. My dad. Dad, meet everyone."

He came back to me and said, "I think that was my first Dad diss." We laughed all night about that one.

Perry ate her weight in pizza and danced while walking around the playground.

Saturday morning, the girls had early soccer games. Charley scored nine goals in her game, and then she took over the camera for Grace's game, which left us with some interesting pictures. Grace played a great game, and her team won.

We took the girls to their favorite, Jimmy Johns, for sandwiches after their games.

When we got home, Isaac stayed outside to finish up the Halloween decorations. Grace ran over to Easton when she saw him, and they realized that they have the same number on their jerseys.

I got Perry to sleep inside, while Daddy worked out front.

He got everything put up, and the house looked so good.

We dropped Grace off for a birthday party sleepover at her friend Bryce's house. There was supposed to be a Homecoming Carnival at The Village at Lake Las Vegas, so we headed down there to meet the Keltons. When we got there, the place was empty. I'm guessing the event was cancelled and no one updated their website. Instead, the girls played in the sand, and we ate dinner at Sonrisa, which never disappoints.

Heather, Bryce's mom, sent me this picture of the girls hanging out and getting ready for bed. Gracie had a blast with her girlfriends, and she came home acting like a different kid. Did she grow up overnight?

Charley and Perry looked through the Toys R Us Christmas catalog that came in the mail. Perry kept bossing Charley around and telling her to eat.

When Grace got home Sunday morning, we headed out to grab some breakfast. Perry was a little sleepy, but she perked right up with a vanilla bean frappuccino. 

We headed to The Armory, the Golden Knights store at the arena, since we had tickets to the game the following week. The girls were so excited when Daddy bought them all new jerseys and face tattoos. They were obsessed with these little hockey sticks, so I told them we could get those, as well. When I saw that the price was $55 EACH, I told them they'd better ask Santa instead.

The girls spent the rest of the night circling things that they wanted for Christmas (basically one of everything). I thought it was funny that they circled things they thought their friends would like, too. "We can get this for Lyla and this for Stella!" Perry dragged a chair over to the counter to see what all the commotion was about and pointed out her own favorite toys.

We had a great week! See you next time :)

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