Grace Face is Seven!!

Guys, Grace is SEVEN. How on Earth did this happen?

I went back to look at pictures from each year of this spunky little babe's life. These years have passed so quickly. Grace has been so smart and mature since the beginning, it's hard to remember her ever being a baby.

She has made us super proud of everything she's done, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. She's got the biggest heart and cries happy tears when something moves her and sad tears when she sees that anyone else is sad. Gracie always wants to help everyone and will play with other kids when they are being left out. This is probably the quality she possesses that makes me the most proud of her. She's such a lover.

Per tradition, I asked Grace twenty questions about her current favorite things in life. Her answers had me cracking up this year, and the way she repeated the question in her answer reminded me of the little three-year-old answering the same questions the same way.

Grace loves her family so much. If you told her she could do anything she wanted, she'd choose to snuggle on the couch with her mom, dad, and sisters to watch a movie together. She loves to color and play upstairs with Charley, who is still her best friend. They fight like sisters (duh!), but they love each other just as hard and always stand up for one another when it comes to anyone else trying to tease them at school. Grace is so excited for Charley to join her at their elementary school next year and can't wait to show her the ropes.

This girl is super silly and is always cracking jokes. She has the loudest laugh you've ever heard, and we're constantly laughing at her crazy antics. 

At seven years old, Grace is forty-eight inches tall (60th percentile) and weighs fifty-seven pounds (75th percentile). She's pretty true to size, and she wears a 7-8 (M) in shirts and a 7 slim in jeans. She's currently in a size 13 shoe.

Grace is still super girly and loves her dresses, doing make-up, painting her nails, and dancing like there's no tomorrow. She also loves stuffed animals and can never have enough. While Charley is our unicorn lover, Gracie is all about mermaids, Shopkins, and the colors pink, purple, and teal.

She loves to play soccer and Mariah, Peyton, and Kelly are some of her best friends (even if she forgot to name them in her video). She can't wait for practices each week, and the games are her favorite. She's working on getting better and isn't afraid to practice hard. It's her confidence that needs a little boost to get her where she needs to be. We're working on building it up. She's got it in pretty much every other facet of life, and the more seasons she gets under her belt, the more she feels in her element on the field. I've tried talking her into trying out for cheerleading, and she just tells me that soccer is her jam.

I've really gotten horrible about writing down all of the funny things she says, but here are a few that I managed to take note of:

"Char keeps singing 'Let it Go' over and over and over again, and it's so annoying!"

"Benny always takes my drinks and sometimes he hits me. My teacher said it's ok, because he's special. That doesn't make him special, it makes him mean!

"Why are we having a family renoonion? Who died?"

"Mom, does everyone in the whole world know us? Because they love us!"

First Day of School: "Mom, I'm kind of nervous. My tummy hurts. You know how your tummy hurts when you get nervous? Why does it do that anyways?"

After threatening to move Charley into her own room when they wouldn't go to bed: "I don't care if Charley has her own room! That's what I've been waiting for my whole life." (She's terrified to even go upstairs alone, let alone to sleep by herself.)

"Did you know that Indians make paint out of blood and fat and poop?"

Charley: "Mom, where did Grace get that backpack?"
Grace: "Great question, Char."

Friend: "I wonder how they make cotton candy."
Grace: "I've been wondering that my whole life."

"Why do we live in the desert? It's so hot when its hot and so cold when its cold."

Throwing rocks on a hike with Daddy: "We're like maniacs - picking up all these rocks."

Dad: "Did Perry go caca?"
Char: "Dad, don't say 'caca'. It's a bad word."
Grace: "It's not a bad word. It's just disgusting and unapropriate."

Our Grace Face keeps us on our toes, that's for sure. She's such an amazing girl, and our family couldn't function without her telling us all what to do. We love her more now than ever, and watching her grow sure has been something special as we've grown right along with her. I can't believe I have a seven year old!

Happy Birthday, Gracie! We love you so much <3

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