Last Week...

...Gracie read her homework book to her sisters, and they were very intrigued.

...Poor Grace. We really need to find her a quieter place for her to do her reading. (Santa is bringing her a PB beanbag, and we're making a "big girl" playroom for her.)

...Perry took over my desk at work on Tuesday.

...Charley was so excited to show me her class pet, Hannah Banana, when I picked her up from school.

...Perr snacked on bananas.

...Daddy took Gracie to soccer practice, so Charley and I went grocery shopping and had a hot cocoa date.

...Perr played with her toys at work.

...we had our end of Movember mustache competition at work. Can you guess who won? 

(It was Jorge.)

...Perry napped the afternoon away.

...Charley practiced riding her bike with no training wheels.

...we went to Metro Pizza for my mom's birthday, and Perry passed out in my arms before I set her in her car seat.

...Daddy let her suck on a Cheeto puff, and she loved it.

...we went to Grace's end of the year soccer party, where the girls got their trophies. She was upset the whole time, because her tooth was about to fall out, and it hurt. Daddy pulled it when we got home, and she cried, "I don't want you to pull it out!". He said, "I already did. It's in my hand.", and she started laughing.

...Grace sat with Perry while I did Charley's hair before school. I came around the corner to find her like this.

...Perry is really good at saying "dada" now, and she's getting better at "mama", so I thought we'd make a video.

...Perry napped in her DockATot Saturday morning, while we finally got to work on our outside Christmas decor.

...when she woke up, JJ kept her entertained in her jumper.

...Char worked on her bike some more, and girlfriend has got it down. No more training wheels! We're so proud of her.

...we stopped by Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's, and Charley had to hold baby Brielle.

...Perry wore her hoodie jumper, my favorite item of clothing, and looked super sweet.

...we hung out at the Gerfy's that night, where Perry slept on the couch. Daddy stayed there when I took the girls home, so they all slept in my bed and almost killed me with their sweetness.

...Sunday morning, the girls made a million snowmen, while they jammed out with Daddy.

...Perry did some more napping and woke up in the happiest mood.

...she played with a tomato and tried taking a bite out of it.

...the girls and I made M&M cookies from scratch and had so much fun, even though they turned out terrible, and we had to throw them all away...womp womp womp.

...Perry (literally) hung out with me, while the girls were baking.

That's all for now. See you next week!

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