Last Week...

...The Snuggle is Real - Perry slept the day away at the office, and I just wanted to snuggle her everytime I looked her way. She's just the sweetest!

...Daddy and Perr had a late night chat.

...Toodles slept in the girls bed with them.

...I saw this and thought it was hilarious. I've been working on not saying, "whatttt?" in an annoyed voice every time the girls say, "mom". I don't want them to feel like they don't matter as much as Perry, because she obviously takes up a lot of my time at the moment. (But do they really need something every five seconds?!)

...this guy (or girl?) works near our office, so I end up following him a couple of times a week. He makes his own bumper stickers and switches them out. This one says, "When I grow up, I need Bernie and Hilary to give me free stuff, because I'm a victim.". I find it so funny that he tapes paper to his car like this.

...Perr Bear was a peach on Tuesday, so I had to take a billion pictures.

...she loves to hang in the Solly wrap, and we spent lots of time doing laundry together after work this week. I even got some blogging done, while she snoozed away.

...she played pirate during nap time on Wednesday.

...Perry and I went to get my nails done, and she finally let me take a picture of "the lip". It makes me laugh and breaks my heart all at the same time. As soon as Tiffani was ready for me, Perry went to sleep and didn't make a peep the whole time.

...Zac, Stef, Presley, and Paxton came over to hang out that night, and the cousins had so much fun playing, singing, and dancing together.

...the girls wanted to take turns holding Perry before school on Thursday, and I got the sweetest picture of the three of them.

...after work, Perry made a video for Kasie to show off how much she's chunking up. Apparently, she didn't like me talking about it.

...Char snuggled with her while watching Zootopia, and Perr fell asleep in sister's lap.

...Friday she wanted to hang with me while I worked. Her lips kill me, and I can never stop kissing them.

...we finally got a smile on camera. Auntie Allison gets big smiles every single morning when we get to work.

...Perr Bear wore her sweet watermelon shoes and looked adorable.

...after lunch, it was back in the Solly wrap.

...after work, we went swimming over at Papa and Grammy's, because it was just so dang hot outside. There isn't much else to do outdoors this time of year in Las Vegas.

...Saturday morning, Char woke up and came downstairs to hold baby sister some more. I love how she always wants to take care of her and snuggle her. She's such a sweet big sister.

...Perry is really chunking up. She is still only eating for about five minutes per feeding with two-four hours in between, but she must be getting a lot of milk in those few minutes. I feel like I was constantly feeding my other kids and for long periods of time. Somehow it's just so much easier and less time consuming this time around. Perry is a pro.

...Charley found this giant Snoopy at Target and made Daddy take a picture of her.

...Saturday was another pool day, and Perry wore her cutest pineapple dress and pink moccs for the occasion.

...the girls had a blast swimming with and without floaties, and were extra excited when Presley and Paxton came to swim with them.

...Uncle Zac took turns throwing them up in the air, and the girls loved every second of it.

...that evening, we did tummy time at home, and these are now some of my favorite pictures of Perr Bear.

...Sunday mornings...Charley loving on her baby sis some more.

...Daddy and Perry went back to sleep after everyone was up.

...that belly, though. 

...we went to see Finding Dory for Addysen's fifth birthday. The kids had so much fun, and Perry slept through almost the entire movie. The few minutes she was awake, she sat on Daddy's lap and watched the movie with the rest of us.

(Happy Birthday, Addy!)

...after the movie, Grace and Char went swimming at Grandma Espejo's house, and Char played in her play gym. We also swapped faces, and it was weird to imagine Perry looking like this as a teenager.

...she has recently become obsessed with these bamboo muslin swaddle blankets from Little Unicorn. She loves to pull it up over her face. It's super soft, and she can easily work her arms loose to move them near her face, which is where she likes them when she's sleeping. I've ordered her a few more, because she sleeps with it every night, and we needed more for day time use.

Another busy week, but I wouldn't change a thing. See you next time!

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