Last Week...

...Perry hung out at the office. She's starting to find her voice and coos and shouts everyone once in a while.

...I put her in the wrap carrier, and she's out almost instantly.

...we snuggled when we got home from work, while Grace and Char played in the back yard.

...after dinner, we did some more snuggling.

(She's just so cute. I can't stop taking pictures of her!)

...she took a bath and enjoyed soaking in the warm water and splashing her little feet around in it.

...baths always make her sleepy, so afterwards she ate and passed out for five hours.

...she wore her cutest 'Milk Drunk on the regular' shirt to work.

...then she spit up all over it, so we had to change before nap time.

...she managed to stay awake for about ten minutes after lunch.

...this girl is still sleeping most of the day away.

...she did give me the sweetest smiles in her sleep.

...we got the old swing out, and she wasn't sure of it. One I swaddled her and tried again, she was all about it.

...we all watched movies in bed together, but Perry isn't too interested in them just yet.

...she snuggled with Auntie Allison at work on Wednesday.

...and stayed asleep when I put her in her car seat to head home.

...we cleaned out Grace's Kindergarten backpack, and she had a writing journal in it that she had been writing and coloring in at school all year. Reading through it was the cutest thing ever. These are some of my favorites.

...I usually shower at night, but Thursday I decided to try to go for it in the morning before work. Perry hung out in her Boppy, but she started getting a little fussy while I was trying to blow dry my hair. I asked Gracie to come hold her while I finished up. I kept peeking over to see how they were doing, and at one point, Char was there instead of Grace. Luckily, they passed her off without hurting her, and Grace said she made sure to hold her head. When I was done, Char had gotten her to sleep. It was so sweet!

...Perry continued to sleep through the day at work.

(She loves to hold on to my necklace while she sleeps.)

...Gracie had her first sleepover that night with her friend Peyton, and Daddy had a dinner meeting with one of the bosses at work. Char, Perry, and I hung out together. I told Char she could have anything she wanted for dinner, and she picked "cereal in a bag". She's the easiest kid ever.

...Perry was five weeks old, so I took a couple of pictures of her. This one in the Boppy cracks me up.

...she hung out in the baby wrap, while I did laundry and watched movies with Char. This kid loves to hang with mama.

...although Gracie had a blast with Peyton, she came home around nine o'clock. Poor kid was scared. I don't think her and Char have ever been without one another, and she just wanted to sleep in her own bed with sister. We'll have to try again in a few months.

...Tiffany, Peyton's mom, sent me this video afterwards. The girls were taking videos of one another singing and dancing. They're so cute!

...Friday we went to Grimaldi's for lunch with Auntie Allison and Daddy, and Perr Bear slept the whole time.

...that afternoon, she played in her baby gym for a while.

...Saturday morning, Perry was passed out while we all got ready for Grace's early morning soccer game. I got her ready, and she didn't move a muscle.

...Gracie had her very last soccer game of the season. She'll start up again in September, and Charley will get to be on her team this year! We're all excited to watch them play together for a season or two before Gracie moves up.

...when we got home, the girls were hot, so we filled up their little pool, and they played in the back yard.

...after a while, I got a text from Auntie Allison that they were going to the pool, so we met my sisters for lunch, and then went over to the parents to swim and cool off.

...Perry hung out in the shade and even stayed awake for a little bit.

...she slept really well that night, and it seems like she's starting to like her arms swaddled.

...the next morning, she watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we cleaned the house.

...sister entertained her in her baby gym when she was over the TV.

...Gracie held her, while I vacuumed, too. She's the best big sister!

...we did all of that cleaning, because we did a family/lifestyle shoot in our bedroom that afternoon with Maryann. Here is a sneak peek. I'm in love already!

...after pictures, Grace insisted that we watch Zootopia together and snuggle. Char passed out right away, and I loved the snuggle time with my big girls.

...after Perry ate, she got in some snuggles, too.

...Gracie wanted "that sweet tea place" for dinner, so we packed everyone up and headed to Lucille's. The girls are really into their baby dolls lately, and they joined us for dinner. Perry ended up holding them, when Daddy took the girls for ice cream.

...back at home, we relaxed on the couch, while the girls put on a show for us.

I couldn't love these three girls any more! I'm so grateful for my little family <3

See you next week when Grace turns SIX!

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