Last Week...

....Gracie came running downstairs yelling, "mommyyyy, I have a shakable tooth!". At first, I wondered if she hit it on something, but then I realized that she is five, and she actually had her very first loose tooth.

...Nick texted me a picture at work on Monday to show me that it fell out that day at school. That was fast! (Notice the dry tear down her little cheek.) the time she got home, she was all smiles and couldn't wait to show everyone. I asked her if she cried, and she said, "just a little. I thought I had a goldfish cracker stuck in my teeth, but when I pulled it out, it was my tooth!".

...Daddy read to her for her Apple Core reading homework. She loves her daddy SO much!

...that night, Gracie made sure to put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

...the next morning, she was so funny telling me that she heard a "twinkle" during the night.

...she got five dollars and had to take it to school to show her teachers.

...Char practiced on the balance beam at gymnastics and was the cutest thing ever trying to jump across it.

...I left for San Francisco on Thursday morning and had a great time with John Deere Landscapes.

...Daddy had to get the girls ready for school, so he sent me a picture of Charley. It was pajama day, and that pony tail had me cracking up.

...that night they had dinner at Town Square, and then Daddy let them buy way too much candy.

...Saturday morning was Gracie's first soccer game. Luckily, everyone took lots of picture to send me. She did so good and had so much fun. Even the Sebastians went to cheer her on. Thanks, guys! That made her day.

See you next time!

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