Last Week...

...I came across this Monday morning after the Titans beat the Bucs and thought it was pretty funny.

...Char wore her new favorite moccs to school on Monday.

...she brought home this Grandparents Day card that was so fitting.

...we had a gorgeous sunset, so we spent the afternoon outside riding bikes and scooters until Charley ate it on the driveway, and we had to go inside.

...she got her right eye pretty good.

...the girls snuggled in bed that night.

...Gracie has been dying to wear her "G" shoes to school, so I finally let her. She was so excited and wanted a picture. I showed it to her and asked why she kept closing her eyes, and she responded, "They're just too tired, mom!"

...Char had gymnastics, where she toned her tummy.

...we took the girls for ice cream afterwards.

...they spent the afternoon riding around outside again.

...Zacarias and Stefanie welcomed their new little one into the world on Wednesday. Paxton Rizzi Espejo, you are so loved already.

...Gracie had soccer practice, and did really well.

...Thursday after work, we finally got to go meet the little guy. He is so adorable and was cracking me up with his funny expressions. His hair sticking up makes him look like a little, old man, and I love it!!

...the girls couldn't get enough of him.

...congrats, Zac and Stef (and big sis, Presley!). We love you guys and can't wait to watch this little guy grow and play with his cousins!

...Noah got to read to Gracie's class, which had her over the moon.

...we went bowling with the Sebastians and had so much fun!

...we met the Gerfys at The Coffee Cup for breakfast, and then made our way to Hemenway Park to check out the bighorn sheep that reside there. They were so awesome just laying around in the shade while the kiddos played on the playground.

...Stef sent me these pictures of Paxton in his cute onesie that we got him. He's the cutest and looks so much like an Espejo!

...we fulfilled Sunday's To Do List.

...Charley lived in her Cinderella dress alllll weekend.

It's been pretty slow around here, but next week, I head to San Fran, and Gracie has her first soccer game. Stay tuned!

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