Last Week...

...Gracie wore her new Thief and Bandit dress to school and looked so sweet.

...the girls held hands while we went grocery shopping after school.

...then they melted my heart even more when they held Daddy's hands on our way to dinner.

...Grace enjoyed a chocolate banana shake.

...Gracie is supposed to read fifteen minutes each night. Someone can read to her or she can work on letters, but she has to do some form of reading. We went to the book store and picked out a couple of books that we could read over a few nights. Since the BFG was my favorite growing up, I chose that one to read to her first. She was so excited to lay in bed with me and listen.

...every day when I pick the girls up, I ask them about their day. Wednesday, Grace told me this little story that had me cracking up in the car.

...Char picked out her own outfit and request a side pony tail. She's the cutest, ever.

...we had dinner at Montesano's, where the girls got down on some spaghetti.

...Thursday, I got SO sick. I don't ever remember feeling so miserable, so I contacted our family friend, Sam, for some advice. She suggested I take a couple of flu bombs. I was excited to find out that I already had all of the oils needed, so Isaac ran to her house to grab some capsules. I made a flu bomb, and felt better within the hour. I took another one the next morning and was completely fine after that. Thank goodness, because laying in bed with blankets, freezing, shaking, but not being able to sleep was horrible!

...the girls favorite part of the day - when Daddy gets home from work.

...we met our friends at BWW for dinner, and the girls took Isaac's and my phones. Soon, they were taking selfies and making the silliest videos.

...Saturday was the first day of college football, so the Gerfys and Alex and Allison came over to spend the day cheering on our favorite teams. The two smallest kiddos took super long naps that afternoon. Later on, the Sebastians came over to play, and Shelly helped Char hold Amelia. She really loves that little babe. It's so sweet!

...Sunday, Isaac and I went shooting for the fourth Sunday in a row.

...we took the girls to Grimaldi's, Krispy Kreme, and then followed it up with bowling.

Another fun week in the books. See you next time!

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