Last Week...

...I got my nails done all mermaid-y for our trip to Newport. Love them! Thanks, Tiff <3

...we got some rain and our neighborhood looked like a picture.

...I came across this and thought it was perfect for our family.

...I spent the afternoon at the park with my girls, while we waited for Daddy to get out of his meeting. We had so much fun and then met him, Auntie Allison, and Alex at Lucille's for dinner afterwards. 

(Charley's "we've taken enough pictures" face.)

...Char was thirsty, and I told her not to drink the splash pad water. Her response? "Ok. Go away, mom."

...the girls had picture day on Thursday and wore their sweetest pineapple outfits.

...Grace took selfies on my phone.

...we drove to Newport, and Grace tickled Charley's back to get her to sleep. Such a sweet big sister!

...we spent Saturday and Sunday in California enjoying the beach and the San Diego Zoo. 

More to come on Memorial Day Monday! See you then :)

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Last Week...

Last Week...

Last Week...