Goddess of the Sea

We woke up on Memorial Day prepared for another fun day on the beach. Although it was a bit cloudy, it was still beautiful, and we weren't skipping the ocean for anything. We grabbed some breakfast and headed down to some of the biggest waves I've ever seen.

Gracie brought the sunshine with her sweet Sol dress.

She didn't care that the sun wasn't out. This girl wanted to play in the water. We headed down to see the massive waves crashing into the sand.

Daddy decided to build a sand castle with the girls, and they had a blast doing so.

Meanwhile, Allison and Alex played catch on the shore.

Char wanted to play catch, too, and brought the volleyball over.

As soon as Daddy finished the sand castle, the girls had so much fun destroying it. Isn't that what kids do best? Just look at the smiles on those sweet little faces.

(All done, Dad!)

Before long, Gracie was back down by the water again. There's no keeping her away from the ocean.

Char wasn't a fan of the water this time. She snuggled with Mommy and watched sister and Daddy play in the waves.

Look at that pointed toe! This girl was born to be a ballerina.

We hung out all morning enjoying the day. It was nice that it wasn't so hot, and I don't think it can ever be a bad time when you're watching the waves roll in.

Even bigger waves began to come in climbing higher and higher onto the shore (soaking us in our chairs!). We moved back a little, and Gracie came running over saying, "that was the biggest wave I ever made!!". We were cracking up and dubbed her "Goddess of the Sea". Her eyes are pretty much the same color as the water, and her sand colored hair is always in perfect beach waves. Girl found her calling.

She continued to make giant waves, and Alex and Isaac had fun playing in them. After a few hours, we decided to go back to the room before we had to check out. We all wanted to shower before our drive home. That is definitely the best thing about staying in a hotel steps from the beach.

Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we ate lunch at Great MEX, grabbed some ice cream, and walked on the pier one last time.

We had so much fun this weekend! Newport will always be one of our favorite places to take the kids. I hope they cherish the memories there for years to come. 

Happy Memorial Day to all of those that sacrificed for our freedoms. We are truly grateful for your bravery and courage every single day.

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