A Full Weekend in Newport

During our past two Disneyland trips, we stopped in Newport for a quick afternoon beach fix. The last time, we decided that we needed a full weekend in Newport. Since Memorial Day was right around the corner, we booked our favorite hotel and could not wait for three full days in So Cal.

The weekend came, and we woke up Saturday morning to a few clouds. We got dressed and headed down for breakfast. After eating, we talked about renting a surrey bike to cruise along the boardwalk. As we were deciding which one to get, the sun popped out. We decided the bikes could wait and ran upstairs to grab our swim suits. Beach day here we come!

Isaac and Alex set up our tent and ran to the store to fill the ice chest with snacks and drinks. The girls couldn't wait to build a sand castle and chase the waves. They looked so cute in their swim suits and Shelby Chic bows.

After playing for a while, Charley came to play by us, and Gracie wanted to lay out like Mommy and Auntie. She's such a mini teenager nowadays.

Soon enough, it was snack time. The girls took a break with some Pringles, while we laid in the sand catching some rays. The weather could not have been more beautiful. It wasn't cold or hot, and it felt perfect in the sun.

The girls were ready to chase some waves and got Daddy and Alex to come with them. They were cracking me up running back and forth. I could watch them run around with pure joy all day long.

Eventually, a big wave came and wiped Char out. After that, she was over it for a bit.

Gracie loved to dance and jump around in the water. She's definitely a beach babe.

Charley stuck to the sand for a while and finally got sister to come up and play with her.

A few minutes later, it was back to chasing waves with Daddy.

Kasie, Jeremy, and Jakson came to meet us for lunch, but we had just eaten. We visited for a while before they left to get something to eat. We decided to shower and get ready to try and meet up with them after lunch. Watching these kiddos together warms my heart.

The girls fell asleep, so we missed the Unertls. 

We ended up waking them up to rent the surrey bike and rode it from Balboa Pier to Newport Pier, where we stopped at Seaside Donuts Bakery for the best sprinkle donuts ever. We had so much fun cruising around looking at all the people while listening to the waves crash against the beach.

After a delicious dinner at Siena, the girls talked us into going to Peninsula Park on the beach to play. I was happy we went, because they had a blast, and the sun setting on the pier was to die for.

After a long day in the sun and sand, we were all exhausted. Gracie made sure to sleep right next to her Daddy all night long.

We had so much fun and still had two days left of our vacation!

Stay tuned for Sunday at the San Diego Zoo and a quick trip to another one of our favorite spots, Coronado Island.

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