Last Week...

...Grace's class had sarafi week and made binoculars. They took a picture outside, and Grace insisted on wearing hers the rest of the day. I love how excited she gets about her school projects. She loves learning just like I did (and still do!).

...Charley showed me her princesses before bed time.

...Tuesday, she wore her Woody pajamas and was so excited. She asked me to send Auntie Geni a picture.

...Chase Facetime'd us before bed.

...Wednesday, Gracie did "projects" in the kitchen with Frozen stickers and puff paint.

...we played on the trampoline before bath time, and the girls were cracking me up.

(Really, Grace, with that pose?!)

(Their love for each other meltsss meee.)

...Thursday morning, Charley read us her butterfly book while we waited in the Starbucks drive-thru. You've got to love her enthusiasm.

(Don't mind her runny nose. She randomly gets them with no other symptoms. Maybe allergies?)

...the girls had dance recital pictures on Friday and looked SO cute in their costumes. I cannot wait to see how the pictures turn out. the studio, they played with their dance buddies, and we got a couple of pictures with their cute friends, Ashtynn and Emersyn.

...back at home, we snacked on Minion sugar cookies after dinner.

...Grace woke up with a serious case of the curls after sleeping with her hair in a bun the night before.

...we went to register her for Kindergarten on Saturday morning. I thought it would be so fun, but I found myself getting so emotional. She was nervous, which made me even more excited, scared, and sad that she'd be in real school next year. The teachers took the kids back one by one to see how well they knew their letters and numbers. I started getting choked up when it was her turn. Grace was so shy, she wouldn't talk to the Kindergarten teacher, and they sent her to a speech therapist. She was able to get Grace to talk and assured me that she was a "smarty pants that would do just fine". This kid is such a talker. I couldn't believe she was being that shy! Other than that, Kinder Round Up was a breeze, and this girl is good to go when school starts. I can't believe this is really happening.

...when we got home, the girls got dressed in the cutest matching shirts. Grace was being so silly and kept tickling Charley. I took a video that will give you a small glimpse into what it's like trying to get a good picture of these two both smiling.

...when I finally got a good one, the girls decided that they wanted to play with my make-up. Grace did Charley's and then they took turns doing mine.

(Love these ones of Grace doing my make-up and Char freaking out over the mascara.)

...since Grace had a little make-up on, she wanted me to take some more pictures of her.

...Char passed out in bed with Daddy.

...I snuck out to meet Kristina and her sister for lunch at La Salsa Cantina. It was so nice to see her and catch up! Hopefully she and Crunk can make another trip to Vegas soon. We miss them!

 (Move here already!!)

...meanwhile, Isaac picked up Presley and braved the Shark Reef and pizza with three girls all by himself. They all had so much fun, and he even took some pictures. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. Especially when he texted Zac, Stef, and me a picture of all three girls sleeping in the car on the way home.

(This one really makes me laugh!)

...Presley got two mermaids from "Un-tull" that she loves. 

...I went to Allison's house when Isaac was on his way home. After playing with Chase for a few minutes, I asked him if he wanted to come play with Grace and Char Char. He jumped down, ran to get his shoes, and wanted them on immediately. It's so cute the way he loves his cousins.

...when we got to the house, he had a blast in the back yard. The best part was definitely the trampoline. The kids were so cute playing together and bouncing all over the place.

...after play time, we had mini corn dogs for dinner and watched Chase's favorite movie, Rio. up was bath time. Then, I had to get a picture of the kids all together for Grammy's Mother's Day present, so I bribed them with popsicles. They turned out so adorable!

...they all snuggled on the floor with their iPads when it was time for bed.

...the girls made me some sweet gifts a school for Mother's Day. There is nothing better than a handmade card from your baby to melt you into a million pieces.

...we celebrated Mother's Day at the Mirage and followed it up with learning how to play craps, while Grammy and Papa Rick watched the kids. We ended up winning $160 and had so much fun!

...I'll leave you with this awesome picture of Kasie, Bethany, and me that she texted me this week. I cannot get over how young we look. Love these girls so much and am so glad that we've been able to stay so close all these years.

See you next week!

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