Last Week...

...Monday, the girls read books together. I can't wait until Gracie can actually read, but it's so fun to hear her making up stories that go along with the pictures. I'm sure Charley doesn't know the difference.

...Char and I played out front with bubbles, and she wore her "Any Thing's Popsicle" shirt.

...she disappeared inside, so Gracie and I played with the bubbles instead.

...when Charley came back out, she had obviously changed her clothes and dressed herself. Her shoes were on the wrong feet and her pants were twisted. Oh, and she was missing her shirt. No biggie.

...her silly giggle fest quickly turned into, "Mom, stop taking my picture!".

...we moved on to chalk when the bubbles got boring. I used Photoshop to make this design a little brighter to use on the blog header. We're loving the neon chalk colors from Auntie Geni.

...Char turned THREE.

...she wore a sweet cookie outfit to school and took frosted brownies to share with her friends. She picked them out herself and didn't want cupcakes, because everyone else always brings cupcakes.

...when we got home from school, Daddy surprised her with a trampoline for her birthday! After a couple of hours outside, we finally got it ready to jump just in time for the girls to hop a few times before bed.

...I also made Char a Funfetti birthday cake with strawberry frosting, per her request. She loved it and was so cute as we sang her Happy Birthday.

...Auntie Geni made Char's birthday cake for her party, and she texted me a picture of the strawberries she was boiling to make the cake strawberry flavored (it turned out delicious!).

...I got shit done at work while drinking a caramel macchiatto from my favorite coffee mug.

...I picked Char up from school Friday and found her eating ice cream cones with her class.

...the girls went to dance class and practiced for their upcoming recitals.

...Saturday morning, I snuck up on the girls playing with their Barbie Dream House, because I heard Charley singing. This girls sings constantly about anything and everything. She was being a little stinker to Grace and breaking things on purpose just to upset her. Typical little sister moves.

...a little later in the morning, she went in to use the potty, and I heard her singing again. She cracks me up.

...we spent Saturday afternoon at Bounce U celebrating Char's birthday and followed it up with fight night with some of our best friends.

...Sunday morning was spent jumping on the trampoline and cleaning the house. The girls are absolutely loving their new toy. Especially when Daddy comes out to play with them.

...we spent the afternoon at Reunion Trails Splash Pad with my sisters.

...after a long, exhausting day, we had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

See you next week!

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