Char's Birthday Bounce Party

This year, Char wanted her birthday party to be at Bounce U. We went to a party there a few weeks ago, and after I saw how easy it was, we were all in. We invited our besties and some family, made some sweet snacks, and had a blast playing all afternoon.

I made this yummy white chocolate birthday popcorn (that turned out so delicious), while the girls waited for party time. They must have asked me fifty times that morning if it was time to go yet. Obviously, they were pretty excited.

We got there a little early, so Daddy got Char some fruit snacks to hold her over. She was so excited to see her grandparents as they each came in and ran to them all giggling. I don't know if I've ever seen this girl so happy.

Finally, it was time to bounce. The kiddos lined up and swam down the hallway (in mermaid Ariel style) to the bounce room.

Once we got in there, all bets were off. There were kids running in every direction, and they all had so much fun!

Us big kids even got in on the action and had a blast doing so.

After an hour of play time, we all headed to Char's birthday room for pizza and cake. She loved getting to sit in the big "Birthday Girl Chair".

Auntie Geni made her cake, which turned out so cute! (Thanks again, Auntie!!)

The kids had fun playing and eating, while the grown-ups enjoyed talking and catching up with one another.

Finally it was cake time. Char got a little shy, which I've never really seen her do before, so Chase sat with her to keep her company.

After she blew her candles out, I could tell that she was getting sleepy. This girl NEVER misses her nap. She knows how important beauty sleep can be.

She managed to chow down on her cake, which gave her a second wind.

After cake, we were ready to leave, but Charley decided she wanted to open her presents there. The other kids helped her and were so funny.

She was most excited about her Buzz and Woody PJs and instantly fell in love with them.

Afterwards, she helped them load her presents up to take to the car and checked to make sure they didn't forget anything.

We took the party back to our house for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, where we enjoyed lots of delicious food and the cutest birthday cake pops from The Sweet Pop Shop.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and for spoiling this little one with so many awesome presents. She had a blast playing with every single one of you and is still talking about "the best birthday party ever". We love you all and are so blessed to get to share such fun memories with you. I still cannot believe this kid is THREE!

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