Last Week...

...since the girls' school was closed for Presidents' Day, and Isaac and I had to work, they spent the day with Auntie Elisha at Veteran's Memorial Park in Boulder City.

...when they got home, they goofed off and played with their Frozen walkie talkies.

(Poor Toodles!)

...we had dinner with Kasie and Jeremy where we finallyyy exchanged our Christmas gifts. Charley was obsessed with her rings, and the girls had fun watching the cooks make our pizza and playing with Jakson.

...we even got some pictures of them all smiling at the same time. We love our Unertl family and miss them so much!! It makes me happy that we have been able to stay close even though they moved away.

...Charley and I goofed off while we waited for Daddy to get home from work.

...Kasie sent me this picture of Jakson wearing his adorable shoes that we got him for Christmas/Valentine's Day.

...I got some shoes in the mail that I ordered for Grace and could not be more in love with them. Seriously! How freaking cute are these boots?! (Two pairs are a size bigger for next winter. Gotta get them while they're on sale!)

...Grace wanted a picture with Toodles, which turned into a love fest between them and Charley.

...I got my nails done in spring colors since it's been so warm and beautiful outside.

...Grammy gave Char some nail polish for Valentine's Day, and then we met up for dinner where Charley painted her, Auntie Allison, and Daddy's nails all different colors.

...Friday we went to dance class where Charley did so well that her teacher gave her TWO stickers, and she couldn't wait to show me.

...Grace started learning the routine for her recital on June 6th. The theme is "Don't Touch that Remote" and all of the classes are dancing to different TV show theme songs. Grace's class is dancing to The Flinstones, and their costumes are lime green and zebra fabric. I can't wait to see her in it!

...after dance class, we grabbed sandwiches for dinner at Capriatti's.

...Charley hung out on the couch with me while I caught up on my Real Housewives episodes.

...Saturday we had lunch at Jimmy Johns, which is Grace's favorite place. She always asks us if we can go to "that place with the different kinds of chips and the tomatoes and the salad on it".

...we spent the rest of the day at Downtown Container Park with my sisters and their families enjoying the sunshine.

...Sunday we went back to our old stomping grounds and had breakfast at The Coffee Cup where the kids made coffee creamer castles.

...we went bowling with Auntie Elisha, and Charley slept the entire time. The rest of us had a lot of fun, and Grace was kind of able to bowl without the ramp this time.

...during my turn, she took my phone and left me these adorable selfies.

That's all for now! See ya next week :)

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