Last Week...

...we went to the Firestone next door to the girls' school to get an oil change on the car. The girls played together while we waited and had me laughing at the games they came up with. Grace wasn't having it when Char wouldn't follow her directions, though.

...we used all of our leftover veggies from last week's grocery shopping trip to make a yummy dinner on Monday.

...Char still wanted mac and cheese.

...Daddy made a fort to watch Boxtrolls with the girls.

...the weather was fabulous, so we played outside after school. Char played catch with her friend, Phoebe, and dreamed of playing basketball with the boys. Grace rode around on Emmy's bike, and informed me that she wanted one like this for her birthday (that's like six months away).

...Grace brought home this sweet book that she made at school. Her pictures of each item are my favorite part.

(This girl always writes her names with different colors for each letter. Always.)

...Wednesday was still gorgeous, so we enjoyed our after school snack outside.

...we had dinner with my family, and the girls had fun playing with cousin Chase and got down on some pazookies. rained on Friday, and we loved every second of it.

...the girls continued their new dance class and looked so cute as we got ready to leave.

(It's impossible to take a picture of Charley without letting her take at least one silly picture in her trademark pose.)

...they did great in class. Charley likes this class a lot better and actually follows along the whole time, while Grace's teacher is amazing and has her learning so much already.

...Charley's class gets out half an hour before Grace's, so she watched her iPad while she waited.

...I came across this and thought it was absolutely perfect.

...Isaac had a guys' night at the Fiesta, while Allison and I watched every episode of How to Get Away with Murder. So good!!

...we stopped by Auntie Geni's new bakery for the grand opening, and Grace loved the cookie dough protein bars.

...we spent Saturday afternoon at the Fashion Show mall with Allison and Alex and couldn't resist Grimaldi's for lunch.

(My mouth is watering right now.)

...they watched the girls that night, and Allison sent me these. These kids are something else. (Thanks for spending your night with them guys!)

...meanwhile, Isaac and I hosted some clients at the UNLV game where the Rebs ran all over Air Force.

...we watched the Superbowl in our pajamas on Sunday, but we did manage to make some yummy snacks.

...the girls obviously loved Katy Perry's halftime show.

...all of that dancing wore them out, and they slept like angels.

See you next week <3

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