Last Week...

...we hung out with more cousins after work and school on Monday. Gracie had fun showing Eliana her kitchen, and then they dressed up to go play on the swing set, while Char had fun counting Isabel's tiny little fingers.

...we went to In-N-Out for dinner, because Uncle Duane needed one of their yummy burgers before he went back to Nebraska. The big girls sat at their own table.

...Char enjoyed her neopolitan shake and snuggled with me while we waited for our food. When I took a picture of her, she decided to make all kinds of silly faces.

...we tried getting a picture of these kids smiling, but it's nearly impossible. I did get a great one of Grace and Char, though.

...Charley continued sleeping in her own bed. This made four nights in a row!

...the girls FaceTimed with Sookie.

...I worked on some crafts for my two upcoming bridal showers.

...the girls wanted to help, and Grace told me that it was "very important work".

...I just can't stop taking pictures of Charley when she sleeps. She's easily the cutest sleeper ever.

...the girls at work surprised me with a delicious birthday cake, and I got thee most beautiful flowers from Lisa and Craig on Wednesday. Happy 28th to me!!

...we played outside a lot, because the weather has been just insanely gorgeous for this time of year. I took Gracie and Noah to go get Slurpees, and Grace brought back some Skittles for Charley.

...since it was my birthday, we met my family at Montesano's for dinner. The girls loved checking out the dessert case. grandma and poppa also made me my favorite, strawberry pie.

...oh, look. Another picture of the sweetest sleeper to ever sleep.

...Gracie and Noah ate popsicles, while Easton and Char raced cars down Isaac's running boards.

...I did a little more crafting.

...the girls colored together.

...Charley learned how to play Hide and Seek.

...Grace wanted tomato soup with crackers for a snack before bed.

...we had a barbecue at Poppa and Grandma's, because Aunt Sydney was in town from Thailand. They got a photographer to stop by and take a few pictures of us all.

...Charley got down on some corn on the cob, played with snails, and watched Frozen with her cousin, Maddie.

...Gracie woke up Saturday morning and wanted to do her puzzle again. She's so proud of herself for being able to do it on her own.

...Daddy went to the NASCAR races with Auntie Elisha.

...while they were at the races, the girls and I went to do some shopping and playing at Town Square. Of course, they had to feed the birds. It's one of their favorite things to do there.

(My little entrepreneur.)

(Cuties dancing around on the stage)

...Char practiced her singing skills in the car.

...all of that playing wore her out, and she took a long nap when we got home.

...while she napped, the princess of the puzzles continued to amaze me with her puzzle skills.

...when Charley woke up, we worked on potty training some more.

(Who looks this cute while sitting on the potty?!)

...Sunday morning we stopped by Starbucks and headed to the NASCAR races to meet up with our Sunstate family. We also got to hang out with Matt, Frannie, and Chris, and Gracie got to play with her friend, Paige. Her family always comes to the races with Sunstate, and they play together every time. They're so adorable!

...everyone slept in the car on the way home.

...Char played upstairs. She found Gracie's old Buzz Lightyear and has since been taking it everywhere she goes.

...Charley watched Wreck it Ralph in a box.

...the girls took a Sunday cruise around the neighborhood.

...we all went to bed early thanks to another hectic week. We wouldn't have it any other way. Especially when the days end with snuggles.

See you next week <3

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