Last Week...

...the girls celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a green party at school. When I picked them up, Gracie and Kennedy were playing with their puppies together. So cute seeing her with little friends.

...after school, the girls played outside. Grace had been talking about her Tinkerbell skates, so I helped her try them out.

...Charley worked out in the garage.

...since Poppa and Grandma now have their very own iPad, we got to Skype them. It was the funniest thing ever.

...Char was all tuckered out, and slept adorably in her own bed.

...we played outside again on Tuesday. The girls love playing in the backyard with their sandbox and take the sand EVERYWHERE. Luckily, Isaac has a wet/dry vac to clean it all up easily.

...we came across this adorable video of a baby gorilla, and Charley made us watch it a thousand times. Each time it'd end, she'd say, "Bay-bee muhkeeee. Again, again!"

...after work, we headed over to Kasie and Jeremy's to spend time with baby Jakson. He's the tiniest little guy and so much fun to snuggle! My mom had picked the girls up from school, so we got to spend a much needed few hours catching up and eating dinner with them. 

...Char saw Uncle Zac dropping Presley off at school Thursday and ran to the window to say "hello!".

...I got the girls some more colorful bows off Etsy for summer. These things are awesome. At least one of the girls is wearing one every single day. I obviously need one in every single shade.

...I got my nails done by the best ever - Tiffani at Posare. 

(Call her, you won't be disappointed!)

...Matt came over to make some videos for Francesca's upcoming bridal shower. I had to get a picture, because he and Isaac were wearing the same shirt.

...I snuggled with my Grace face late at night when everyone else was sleeping. I have to steal snuggles from her, because she doesn't just give them up easily.

...Daddy took Gracie to see Monster Jam with Nick, Noah, and Easton. They all had a blast, and Isaac got the funniest videos of Grace being her crazy self.

(This is the best video ever!)

...meanwhile, Charley watched Tad, the Lost Explorer, and I worked on getting everything set up for the bridal shower. I told her that I had a lot to do, so I needed her to be a good girl. I put her in my bed with her iPad, and she was passed out when I went to check on her.

...the next morning, the girls played on their horse that Karl and Linda got them two Christmases ago. They love this thing!

...we had Frannie's bridal shower, and it couldn't have been more perfect or more fun.

...after the shower, we all hung out a Matt and Frannie's for the night. The girls had fun with the doggy door, tried on helmets, and Grace fell asleep, as per usual.

...Sunday, Shelly and I had a mommy date and got Starbucks and went to see the new movie, Divergent. We both read the books, so we both loved the movie. Theo James is a total hottie and Shailene Woodley has been one of my favs since her Secret Life days. Go see it!! After the movie, the guys grabbed the kids and met us over at Lucille's for an early dinner. Isaac sent me these pictures of the girls in the car on their way. Once they saw Noah and Easton, they were wide awake again and ready to play.

...after dinner, we went to get ice cream, and Char looked so cute with her little backpack.

...we spent the rest of the gorgeous day enjoying the weather outside.

...since Charley didn't get a proper nap, she took a bath and passed out super early in her bed.

(Seriously? I just can't with those lips!)

See you next week!

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