Last Week... step brother, James, and his wife Caitlin came in town from Virginia (where James is currently stationed with the Navy). Since it had been so long since we'd seen them, we had the family over for dinner and to snap a few pictures. We had so much fun hanging out and playing princesses and catch with the girls. It was great to see them and get to spend a little time with them.

...Char was exhausted from all the fun.

...Tuesday, I went to get my nails done.

 (Thanks, Tiff!)

...Isaac had picked the girls up and they played outside when they got home. Apparently, Grace fell going down the driveway on her scooter and hit her face pretty hard. It left a nice little mark. Luckily, I had a little bit of time between work and my nail appointment, so I had stopped by The Disney Store to get her and Char a little something. She felt much better after Mommy came home with new Pocahontas and Merida dolls.

...the next night, the family started arriving for Zacarias' wedding. We all hung out at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's, so we could visit and the girls could play with their cousins. They had fun eating mac and cheese at the kids table together.

...that night, Charley asked to sleep in her bed. She hasn't really ever slept in there at night before, but I put her in there, and she just laid down and went to sleep. At this point, I took her sleeper back upstairs to see if sleeping in the crib would stick. Grace did this once when she was a baby, and it only lasted the one night.

...Grace also got some new Ariel "pajammies" from The Disney Store and insisted that I wash them, so she could wear them the next night. She put them on and said, "do you think you can get a little tiny size for Charley?" She's so cute!

...Grandma Espejo wanted the girls to spend the day at her house on Friday, since the family was in town. Charley took Olaf with her and was so excited to show her cousins.

...Grace wouldn't get dressed and wore her Little Mermaid jammies for most of the day.

...that night, we celebrated all of the February birthdays at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's, and the cousins got to play some more.

...Charley hit the twenty-two month mark.

...she fell asleep in her crib again, but I snuck her out to snuggle. I'm not ready for her to be a big girl just yet. rained all day Saturday, and the kids had fun watching it pour down in Grandpa's backyard, while I got to snuggle with baby Isabel. She's so sweet and reminds me a lot of Char when she was a baby.

...we had to leave to head to Zac's rehearsal dinner, and the girls napped on the way.

...everyone had a blast at the rehearsal, especially the kids. They danced like crazy the whole night.

...Lindsey and I tried getting a picture with Grace. She took Linds' phone and snapped a few of her own.

...Isaac stayed with Zacarias that night, since his wedding was the following day.

...Zacarias and Stefanie got married and had such a beautiful, amazing, love-filled wedding.

...the girls missed their Daddy so much the night before, and woke him up super early to play.

...we had plans to head out to Grandma Sunshine's to spend time with the other side of the family on Sunday. Char made sure to bring her baby and diaper bag along for the day.

...we made a quick pit stop at The Coffee Cup for breakfast with the Griffiths before we headed to Grandma's. The kiddos loved Zoltar and had a blast playing with him over and over again.

...when we got to Grandma's, Presley was so exhausted from her eventful week. She wouldn't go to anyone but Grandma and nothing would make her happy. I stole her away and went to lay down with her in Grandma's bed. After about three seconds of me tickling her face and singing to her, she passed out for over two hours.

...little Presley woke up in a much better mood, and we took a couple of pictures to send to her Daddy and Mommy who were on their way to Mexico for the honeymoon.

...the girls had fun playing with so many Grandpas and Grandmas that afternoon. They blew bubbles, did their hair, and ate lots of cookies.

...when we got home, Gracie was being quiet, so we went to check on her. We found her sitting at her table doing her puzzle all by herself. I couldn't believe she was able to do that. She was so proud and wanted us to look each time she found a new piece. She's growing up way too fast!

...we were all so exhausted from the busy week that we had cereal for dinner and called it a night.

See you next week!

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