34 Days Until She's Mrs. Gerfy

Saturday, I threw a bridal shower for one of my best friends. She's the sweetest, funniest person I know, and we can't stop laughing whenever we're together. Before I was married and had my two rugrats, Francesca and I used to spend nearly every single day together getting our nails done, gossiping, or watching our favorite shows each night of the week (think One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy). She means the world to me, and I love her so much. Luckily, the guy she's marrying is pretty great, too. Matt is somehow even more funny than Frannie. He and Isaac also happen to be the best of friends (and he's my cousin, so our babies will be cousins, too! Yay!!).

When Frannie asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I couldn't have been more thrilled. She already knew her wedding colors, so I immediately starting searching Google and Pinterest for all things blush and gold. We set a date for her shower, decided to go with a brunch theme, and started planning. Her mom and I spent the few weeks before the shower crafting some decorations and working out the food menu. Kelli and Amanda (some of Fran's awesome bridesmaids) helped make some of the food, and it all came together better than I had envisioned. Top it all off with hours of fun and laughter, and you get the best shower ever. We had such an amazing afternoon!

Since we were going with a brunch theme, I found some yummy items and incorporated pink and gold anywhere and everywhere I could. These two colors look incredibly beautiful and classy together.

These were my favorite. Who knew bacon could look so pretty?!

I made a sweet slideshow with pictures of Matt and Frannie from the past few years and let it play on our computer throughout the shower.

We turned my kitchen island into a coffee and mimosa bar.

Carole made the sweetest favors ever with soaps that said "From My Shower to Yours", and of course we had to get a veil for Francesca's mimosa glass.

We took a few pictures under the "Miss to Mrs" sign and made sure to get one of the bridal party.

After five bottles of champagne, we decided to start on the games. First we played "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" and followed it up with the traditional toilet paper wedding dress game. This one is always fun, because you get groups that use random props from around the house to make some awesome dresses.

The winner!

Next up was "How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom?". For this one, I got a few packs of Bubblicious so that Frannie could pop a piece in her mouth each time she got a question wrong. Here's a sneak peak.

(Isaac and I had a blast filming the answers with Matt a couple of nights before!!)

And Frannie with her ginormous wad of gum after the tough questions.

I made the rehearsal bouquet from the ribbon and bows that were on her gifts as she opened them all. I must say, she got some awesome stuff!!

This one was the best - it just kept coming and coming...

We wrote down some of the things she said and repeated them to her as "things she would say to Matt on her wedding night". Some of them were pretty funny, like "should I be scared?" and "this is so pretty".

This bridal shower was so much fun, everyone was laughing non-stop (I think the seven bottles of champagne we went through helped a bit). I couldn't ask for a better friend! Francesca is so deserving of this happy ending (but really it's a happy beginning!) with all of these fun, amazing friends and family members to share it with. We all just love her to pieces!

We are so excited to be a part of the Gerfy wedding in just a few more weeks!! 

34 days and counting <3

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