Last Week...

...we went to the park after school to enjoy the gorgeous weather. The girls had so much fun being crazy and got super excited when Daddy came to meet us after his meeting.

Slide races!!

Cutest Sisters <3

Grace taught Charley how to walk backwards.

Happiest swingers ever!

Charley loves to show off and say "ta da!"

Racing to greet Daddy at the top of the hill

...I went through my "to do" list for the next few months, and it's crazy! 

...Charley FaceTimed Elmo.

...Charley and I hung out in bed and watched Frozen.

Ugh! Those lipsssss! mom dropped the girls off at the office on Wednesday, and they had a blast playing with Daddy's plans before attacking him when he was taking too long.

...we went out for ice cream after dinner, and Charley shared hers with sister.

Pink Bubblegum from Baskin Robbins is hands down the best ever!

...the girls Face Timed Grammy and Papa Rick after their bath.

...they fell asleep together, so I decided to put them both into Grace's bed for the night. Each time I went to check on them, they were in a different position.

...Char watched movies with her baby. She's the best baby momma ever.

...we had the best dinner on Thursday - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with an icy cold glass of milk. I think it's been years since I've eaten this and it was heavenly.

...I picked the girls up from Poppa and Grandma's house on Friday, and they were both passed out on the couch.

...Kasie sent me the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries for hosting her baby shower.

Thanks again, Kas! Love you!!

...we stopped by the Ditata's on Friday to meet their newest additions. Grace had fun reading Tenley books, and I had fun snuggling the babies.

...I tried taking a picture of the girls hanging out in bed, but neither of them were too fond of the flash.

...I was working on Charley's blanket, and I realized about halfway through that I was forgetting a few stitches while closing each chain. That resulted in an awkwardly shaped square. Being the perfectionist that I am, I pulled out the whole blanket to start over. Grace came with me to grab some more yarn and picked out some glittery kind for me to make her another blanky, too. I decided to buy a crocheting book, so I can teach myself some different styles to work on.

...we went to the Coffee Cup for breakfast, and it was just as good as ever.

...the girls worked on their 3D Frozen puzzle. I was surprised that Grace actually knew how to do it.

...Gracie and I made some chocolate chip cookies in her Easy Bake Oven that Poppa and Gran got her for Christmas. She had so much fun being a big girl and even more fun eating her creations.

...meanwhile, Char and Daddy were napping.

...when Charley woke up, she helped Gracie make some red velvet cupcakes.

...Grandma Lisa and Papa Craig picked the girls up Sunday morning and took them to Container Park. They had so much fun playing and even got their faces painted. Grace picked them out all by herself. They were so worn out that they passed out in Grandma's car on the way home. When Grandma left, Grace said, "Grandma Sunshine is awesome!"

...Isaac and I had a lunch date at PF Changs while the girls were with Grandma and Papa. It was weird not having them around the house all afternoon. I missed them and couldn't wait for them to get back.

See ya next week!

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