It's that time again...

Charley is hitting milestones and the Runnin' Rebs season is in full swing.

I really love my Rebs, but they've really been freaking me out lately. I went into this season with high expectations, yet they continue to lose on the road. C'mon guys...I'm really going to need you to run the table for the rest of the season in hopes of a decent seed in the tourney. Puh-lease!

Also, it's late at night, and I'm super tired. So sorry if this post goes off on more than one tangent.

Back to the baby's nine month milestone post:

Charley has officially been living outside of my belly for as long as she was baking on the inside.
We're talking nine whole months!
She is still 18.5 pounds. Actually, she's eighteen pounds and ten ounces. She gained two whole ounces this month! So, she's still four pounds lighter than Gracie was at nine months. Crazy stuff.

She's also about twenty-seven and a half inches tall. That's the same height as Grace was.

We're back to the fiftieth percentile all the way around.


We got the girls this cute growth chart to hang in their playroom. Each time we check to see how tall they are, I secretly wish that they'll be a little shorter. Like, maybe somehow all my hoping and praying that they'll stay little will come to fruition. I always tell Grace that I want her to stay small. She'll tell me that she's getting "big enough" (I'm not sure for what). I'll say, "but I thought you were going to stay small forever" complete with a sad pout. Grace laughs and says, "haha! You're right. I am going to stay small forever, mom." That girl hates when her mom or dad are sad. She'd say/do anything to make us happy again. Sweet face:

Charley has eight big teeth (four middle on top and bottom).

She loves to share Grace's food now. She's eating all kinds of regular food in addition to breastmilk and baby food. In fact, I don't think there is really anything (besides seafood, honey, and straight milk) that she hasn't eaten. I mean, I'm sure there's more, but like, nothing noteworthy or anything.

She likes to drink apple juice from her little cups.

She has started sleeping in her crib a little more. When I put her to sleep at night, I lay her down in her crib with a pillow. This really seems to help, because her sleeper is at an angle, so the pillow props her up into the same position. She'll usually sleep for 3 hours or so before waking up to eat. Some nights I'll put her back in the crib after she eats and some I'll just put her in her sleeper. It depends on how tired I am.

She loves playing with her toys and almost everything goes into her mouth instantly:

She loves playing with Grace, even if she's just getting pushed around. She laughs when Grace talks, pushes her, or kicks her. It doesn't matter as long as she's giving her attention:

She has the cutest little laugh that instantly makes everyone around her start laughing.

She hates getting dressed or really just doing anything that she has to lie down for.

Charley still sleeps every time we get in the car.

She's got this squishy spot on the side of her back that I LOVE to kiss. I love it even more because she giggles like crazy when I kiss her there.

Charley has been saying "mama" and "dada" for a while now, but now she distinctly knows who we are and calls us by those names. She also said "I love you" and "doggy" this week. Not sure if she meant to say them, because it only happened once...but it did happen:

Baby girl can stand in her crib easily and also has stood by herself for a few seconds. When something is in her hand, it distracts her and gives her balance. She took one step towards me the other day before falling into my arms. She'll be walking so soon.

She just stated waving and clapping, too. It's so adorable. Isaac waved at her when she was sitting in her high chair, and she just waved back like it was nothing.

As much as I'd like her to stay small forever, it sure is fun watching her learn new things. Grace gets so excited cheering her little sis on. She claps and tells her to do it again.

They're the cutest!

Happy Nine Months, Little Bug!

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