Junk in the Trunk

At the last minute, Matt and Francesca decided to have a New Year's Eve party. How perfect that we could have fun with our friends and be two seconds away from our house!

We stopped by the party store earlier in the day to grab some hats and confetti poppers. Grace was already excited:

Later that night, the girls got all dressed up and ready to go:

Once we all arrived, the boys went straight to the garage to play games while us girls sat inside for a bit chatting:

When we finally headed outside to hang with the guys, they were ready to play some flip cup. It's been a while, but we had so much fun:

After a few games, Isaac started in on his infamous dance moves:

Grace was really excited when I told her she got her own bottle of champagne (aka Martinelli's Sparkling Cider):
 Finally, it was closing in on midnight.
Charley had been sleeping in her pack n play, but woke up just in time for the countdown and confetti:
 Grace, on the other hand, slept right through it:

Chris immediately got the vacuum out to clean it all up:

The rest of us got our first kiss of the New Year:

We hung out for a little while longer goofing around:

At the end of the night, we went home and snuggled in bed.

Laying there with my two girls in between Isaac and I, I couldn't help but to think how lucky/blessed/amazing my life is. I have a husband that I adore that loves me unconditionally, two beautiful daughters that make me laugh and smile every day, a wonderful family that supports us in all that we do, and some really great friends that we know we can count on and that we would do anything for.

This year, my resolution is just to be better. When I find myself losing my patience with my kids, I want to be a better mom and teach myself to have more. When I get angry at Isaac for something as simple as not cleaning up his little beard shavings (you know, those nasty little black hairs that cover the sink and clog the drain?), I want to be a better wife, and just clean it up instead of making an argument about it. When something or someone upsets me, I want to be better at letting it go rather than harboring anger or resentment.

I want to be just a little better at every aspect of my life: as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and an employee. I've been feeling a lot lately like people take so much for granted and want so much just given to them (like, for real). Maybe if we all did just a little more or tried just a little harder, we'd get more from our investments.

Oh, I'll also be taking up some sort of fitness routine at some point. I keep losing weight from breastfeeding, and I don't want to be a bag of bones. I always think ladies look so much better when they've got a little (muscular) junk in the trunk. Hopefully some squats and lunges will help in that department. Isaac pretty much has our garage set up as a gym now, so I don't really have any excuses. I'm sure I'll still be able to think of some, though!

Happy 2013!!

This is going to be the best year yet. I can feel it!

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