Last Week...

...Grace hit the eighteen month mark!

...we are almost 21 weeks pregnant. That means the baby looks the way she will when she is born (only she'll be a bit bigger). All of her facial features are formed, and her hair has started to grow. She's as long as a large banana. I'm just now getting to the weight I was at when I got pregnant with little miss Grace. It may not mean anything, but it makes me feel pretty good.

I asked Isaac to get a shot of the belly this week, and this is what I got:

Don't worry...I took one myself that actually shows my belly:

...Grace decided that it would be super funny to dump everything out of her drawer:

And then tried to sit in it:

...she video chatted with Santa and even gave him a kiss:

...Grace watched movies and got SOO excited when I put on Monster's Inc.:

(She's been watching 'Gnomeo and Juliet' A LOT lately, so I think the change-up excited her.)

...she got to spend a whole day with Uncle Zac and had so much fun:

...Daddy watched TV while Grace took a nap:

...we checked out a few Christmas lights with the Ditatas.

...we took Gracie to breakfast where she had fun making castles out of coffee creamer:

...Grace passed out when we went shopping for baking supplies:

So she was in a great mood when we spent the whole day baking!

...I went to see the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour with my mom and sister. On the way to the arena, we met Gale Sayers and even got his autograph for Isaac:

...Isaac took Grace to the Cantor's Annual Christmas Party while I had my girl's night out:

 Luckily, I got to meet up with them afterwards, because we had so much fun that night. Grace even had Jeremy and his dad under the pool table playing with her and her new Mr. Potato Head forever:

We sang karaoke, ate yummy food, and got to laugh all night with our best friends. Isaac, Linda, and Tony even had fun with a few shots of Patron:

We had such a great week.

I can't even contain my excitement for Christmas next week!!! 


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