Grace's Christmas Surprise

Since we spent Christmas Eve at my mom's, we had three more families to celebrate with on Christmas Day.

Isaac's mom lives all the way across town, so her and her husband, Craig, stayed over at our house on Christmas Eve. This way we could wake up and celebrate Christmas morning together instead of driving all the way out there at the end of the day when we're all tired.

They were already at our house when we got home Saturday night, so Grace got to show off her new gifts while we all had some coffee and chatted. Afterwards, I put Grace to bed so Isaac and I Santa could put together her new playhouse for the morning.

Once everything was ready for Grace's Christmas surprise, we went to sleep eagerly anticipating Christmas morning. Last year was fun, but this year Grace can open presents and really enjoy everything she gets. We couldn't wait to see her face when she realized what was going on.

Grace woke up bright and early Christmas morning (with a little nudging from her parents), and I got set up with my camera. Daddy brought her around the corner to see what Santa had left for her, but she seemed a little more interested in sleeping:

Once she noticed there were new toys all around, she was ready to roll.

She instantly fell in love with her new playhouse and has been happily ringing the doorbell and sitting on her bench chatting away on her new phone ever since:

Grandma Lisa also got her a bouncy ladybug to hop around on. Since she's a little shorty, her legs don't touch the ground just yet, so Mommy helped her out:

She had lots of fun ripping into presents. It wasn't really ripping though. This kid gently tore little pieces off of each present so slowly and moved onto tear the next one open before she even saw what was inside:

She also got her very own Dyson vacuum since she's been so crazy about our vacuum lately. She loves to pick up the hose and make noises while pretending to pick stuff up. The power button is her favorite part, and she pushes it until it comes on and then runs away with a huge smile on her face. Needless to say, she was super excited to get her very own. She even helped me put the batteries in immediately so she could start playing with it:

She soon went back to her awesome playhouse and played peek-a-boo through the windows with Grandma:

When we were all finished with presents, Grace ate a candy cane for breakfast while Isaac and I quickly got ready.

Even after we celebrated Christmas Eve at Grammy and Grandpa's and opened all of the presents under our tree, we still had three more houses to hit up.

Next, we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's for their annual tradition of homemade enchiladas.

Can you say delicious?!

We got a tripod for our camera that I've we've wanted for a while now.
(So excited to be able to take pictures of our family without balancing the camera on a book or shelf somewhere!)

Grace was showered with a new baby doll, a laptop, and a second kitty keyboard:

Everyone else opened their gifts and then it was time to eat:

After a few hours of laughing and LOTS of Tums (thanks heartburn!!), we headed to my dad's.

This time dinner was a little more traditional with ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls. We always get to eat a lot during the holidays!

This time Gracie got an awesome Crayola easel and lots of tools for coloring all kinds of pictures:

Dad and Ellie had just gotten back from Germany for my dad's fiftieth birthday, so we also got some pretty cool souvenirs.

Grace had a lot of fun blowing bubbles with Poppa:

Throughout the day, we also got TWO gift cards for Memphis Barbecue...SCORE!

Last but not least we stopped by my Grandma and Poppa's house to drop off their gifts. While there, they surprised us with even more gifts.

I cannot believe how crazy Christmas was this year.

Grace was spoiled with gifts including a new playhouse, her very own Dyson vacuum cleaner, a bouncy ladybug, tons of clothes, coloring books, crayons, paint, new Minnie Mouse earrings, plenty of other toys, and the girl even made out with some cash and gift cards for Toys R Us.

Good thing we buy our diapers there because she's not getting any more toys!!

Isaac and I even spent the entire next day rearranging our house so we could fit all of her new stuff in it. She now has her very own play room filled with anything a toddler could dream of. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure this kid is thee most spoiled girl on the planet!

(I'm seriously considering just re-wrapping half of these for her birthday and then again for next Christmas.)

I hope all of you were just as blessed to be able to spend time with family this holiday season. We have the greatest, hugest family ever and wouldn't change it for the world!

Merry Christmas :)

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