This Week...

...Grace came to work for the afternoon and Grandpa Rick shared a slushee with her:

...I got a great picture of her when she got out of the bath:

(She'll hate me for this one when she's older!)

...Poppa and Gran came over, so Grace got to stay up late playing with Cash:

...Grace and I had a mommy/daughter shopping afternoon. I've been working lots of extra hours lately, so when I got off early one day, we wanted to make the most of it. She couldn't resist grabbing and every cute outfit and putting it in the cart. Especially because I was buying:

...she wouldn't stop pointing at a lemon in Isaac's drink, so we let her try it...twice:

...Grace woke up in a great mood and played in her drawers:

...we spent a beautiful Saturday by the pool with our friends and took Grace to the Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden at the Mirage (blogs coming soon).

See ya next week :)

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